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My Personal Statement for the Enrollment into a Degree Program in English Literature

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Boston College
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Personal statement
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English literature is the core subject in the fields of science, humanities, and economics. Indeed, anyone planning to venture into any career must have an adequate background in English and Literature. Being a global language, English is an essential part of the skills set that one must acquire in the preparedness for international trade, diplomacy, and communication between diverse groups of people. The requirements for the mastery of English language vary with the intended use of the skills acquired. For instance, English tutors at whatever level of education must possess excellent skills in composition, analysis, and reading of English literature material. To qualify for the enrollment of this very useful course, one must have sufficient background in all the three areas that constitute English Literature. In other words, they must comprehend the basics of English language grammar, understand how to read, and critically analyze literature.

I have already prepared myself for the journey ahead of me. Firstly, I have done a comprehensive research of what a major in English literature entails. I have severally visited the university to familiarize myself with the relevant systems like the library and extracurricular activities. I believe that this information will allow me to make deliberations on the kind of non-academic activities to partake in like debate clubs. In addition to several school visits, I have also honed my reading and critical analysis skills by perusing through large volume texts. I have already stocked some classical English Literature texts that are mandatory for any student pursuing this course. In the past one month, I have looked up on the Internet some academic writing tips required to produce quality papers. So far, I can boast of having known how to prepare rough drafts, furnish them, and develop coherent arguments through writing. Additionally, I am conversant with the rules guiding proficient academic writing like the avoidance of plagiarism, quoting and deconstructing quotes, paraphrasing and creating annotated bibliographies. The upper division courses for English major require, in part, the active participation of students in peer-guided lecture. I have, therefore, prepared myself for study in such a context. I am currently sharpening my communication skills to align them with the requirements of group discussions. I also believe that the academic skills that I have accumulated over time will play a major role in my success in the upper division courses.

I have many areas of strength that make me a suitable candidate for the admission into the prestigious University of California. One of the strengths is deep focus on academics. As an English Language enthusiast, I have a strong believe in the commitment to learning and enquiry. English Literature is an exploitative course that requires total commitment and emphasis on studying. I have a clear dream and a path that I want to pursue. I am thus willing to give my education a priority while in the university. I also believe that success in academics cannot come without discipline. I am therefore willing to shun all activities that do not support my academics or deface my relationship with tutors.

Another attribute that qualifies me for enrolment into this university is my wide exposure to a number of emerging issues. For instance, I keep myself updated with the current affairs all over the world. I am especially interested in humanitarian crises happening all over the globe. Currently, I am following the woes of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and feel moved by their problems. I usually get information about the other parts of the world through reading international papers and watching global television networks. This inquisitiveness will promote my studies in two ways. First, I will have a wide scope to explore during creative writing sessions, and second, I will use my research skills to gather references to cite in my papers. My third and most important strength is critical thinking. I have acquired this skill as a result of lengthy involvement into task groups in the execution of various duties. Critical thinking has constantly placed me at awe of my peers and even older people. I normally use this skill to solve issues using methods that most of my peers wont think of. For example, when faced with a problem whose immediate solution is either detrimental or costly, I usually suggest an alternative solution that is a compromise of the prevailing factors, although it is relatively more practicable than the immediate solution. My critical mind also helps me in winning debates by building strong arguments that are not easy to counter.

My journey of education has not been easy. It has often been hampered by ailments, mood changes, and time constraints. However, my most significant challenge in academics happened a year ago. At this time, the learning was intense and I became overwhelmed. I normally found myself behind deadlines in the delivery of class assignments. This lateness made me anxious that I would fail my final examinations. After going home, I found myself unable to revise for my examinations and to undertake my studies. The anxiety nearly overcame me that I sometimes feared to attend classes. There was a ripple effect from the building anxiety and many of my daily activities were affected. My relations with my parents deteriorated as I confined myself in my room most of the time. The ensuing anxiety persisted even when the studies were ongoing.

I researched some of the home remedies to overcome this problem form the Internet. Most of the information I obtained recommended balanced dieting, having enough sleep, and exercising regularly. Before I found myself in this pitiful state, I was sleeping for five hours a day to spare more time for my studies. With this schedule, I mostly finished my assignments and delivered them on time. I, therefore, increased my sleeping time to eight hours, meaning that I had to reduce time for studies. After one week, my anxiety did not subside, and so I embarked on jogging. The online article that I read recommended jogging at least 30 minutes a day. This endeavor bore fruit when I discovered that my situation improved. I found complete reprieve when I opened up my plight to a friend. He directed me to see a counselor who was my ultimate solution. For all the period I was in this problem, I did not give enough time for my studies and failed to concentrate in class. I also kept way from the library since I found it uncomfortable to be in the company of many people. At the end of the semester, my grades dropped slightly although I recovered them quickly the following semester.

I have cited critical thinking as one of my strengths. This kind of thinking often involves creativity. My creativeness is in the area of writing. I can easily make up a story in a few minutes. I then write this story down after creating it. I can also illustrate this story with pictures or cartoons. I, therefore, have different ways of expressing my creativity. I am a fan of the Internet and online socialization. I frequently share my sentiments with my online friends through writing blogs. Once I develop a story, I quickly give it a heading and prepare a rough draft. This draft will normally contain the bits and pieces that may lack a flow. I do not upload my draft for the online users to see. After the draft is complete, I read it through and connect it with my original story. I then furnish the narration through additions or subtractions and make a coherent final article that I then upload to my weblog. If the creative story is not properly expressed through writing, I prepare a picture speak to portray my story. I am a talented cartoonist, although I do not know how to make digital caricatures. When there is a need to develop a comic through images, I usually draw them free hand and then scan the drawings to convert them into digital images. I then upload the drawings on the Internet or file them in my folders. Writing, however, is a better method of expressing creativity due to a bigger audience that pays attention to it as compared to illustrations. Additionally, there is less work involved in developing a write-up as compared to drawing pictures.

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