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Essay on the Time I Wrecked My Grandmothers Car

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Mischief can ruin ones life and destroy the parent-child relationship. My mischievous behavior got the best of me, and I ended up paying heavily. However, it was a good lesson learned the hard way and an experience worth to remember. My testimony happened like this. It was a hot July summer night, and I was having a romantic moment texting my boyfriend. The texting episodes were so intense that my boyfriend could not help but tell me how much he missed me and wanted to see me that night. Will you come and see me? I really miss you so much. I cherish every moment we spend together. I was sincerely convinced that he "madly" wanted to see me. Deep within, I also knew that I wanted to be around him. Hold on, let me see what I can do, I replied. I also attached a smiley Emoji with a tongue slid out to the left cheek as a sign that I was working out a plan to visit the only male friend I cherished dearly during that time.

I ultimately worked a plan and made up mind that I was going to see him. So I grabbed the keys to the Camaro, opened the drivers door slowly but sure to avoid detection, sat on the driver's seat so hard that the leather was squeaking all the way to the house. In my excitement, all I could smell was the cars new scent because my grandmother rarely drove it. I ignited the vehicle and was amazed by the engines growl like that of a v8 as I was puzzled on what to do next. It took me a while to reconsider my options. Was this rendezvous trip worth it? Is it all for love? I couldnt help, but a myriad of rhetorical, questions ran through my mind. Im gonna do it. I consoled and motivated myself. I thought of how the unplanned love visit at night would turn out to be a one in a lifetime love experience. Finally, I nervously grabbed the shift knob, put it in a reverse position. Looked back and hit the accelerator. I heard a big clunky noise and immediately realized that I hit the fence at the corner of my yard. Unfortunately, I could not judge the distance from the car park to the rear fence. I had no experience of driving at night. At that time, my heart throbbed like the Stevenson locomotive ascending on a hill. I had never experienced such a first heartbeat before.

I knew I was in trouble but had to act first. Therefore, I grabbed the shift knob and put it in drive mode, pulled back down the driveway and put the Camaro in the car park so fast that the gear was grinding. I dashed out of the car like a fleas first flight and ran inside the house into my bedroom and hopped on the bed like I was never out in the first place. Hey, I hit the fence, canceling, sorry. I wrote to my boyfriend via a text message.

The next day, my dad came and picked my grandmother and me up to go shopping at Home Depot where we ended up getting a bunch of flowers. After we returned to my grandmothers place, my dad parked in the driveway, and I started unloading the plants. In a cautious maneuver to hide the spot that was wrecked, I raced very fast to sit down at that point. Fortunately or unfortunately, my dads keen for detail spotted the wreck before I managed to hide it. My heart almost dropped, but I gathered courage, turned around and them that I was responsible for the damage. Im sorry I was playing in the car last night and hit the fence.

My dad was very infuriated by my actions and yelled at me. MAKELA RENEE BUZBEE, I CANT BELIEVE YOU WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS!! I apologized hoping my dad would not spank me for my gross misbehavior.

I was nervous and waiting for the repercussions. My dad got into the car and drove away. He came back with a repaired car, and the spot had disappeared. Its when I realized that my dad had taken the Camaro to an auto shop to be fixed because he left without a word. The repair job costs my dad $300, and I had to pay for the unplanned expenditure to repay my dad for the damage. I worked with him in a deer processing facility in the following winter. It was a remarkable winter that I will never forget.

My mischievous experience was very educative. First and foremost, working in the dead of winter was a terrible experience that I promised myself I would never be mischievous again. Mischief and lies can destroy trust among people and especially in a family unit. My dad never thought I could disappoint him in the way I did. He always had high hopes for me and was confident that he had raised me well. I also never thought that I could engage in an activity that could jeopardize the relationship with my family. I learned that teenage love relationships could make people do irrational things. I learned that its also essential to put critical thinking first before on embarking on a task. I never thought of the dangers that lay before me as an inexperienced night driver. Perhaps it could have been a disastrous affair if I had managed to maneuver my grandmothers car out of the parking garage. I cant stop wondering what could have happened to me. Currently, there have been a lot of traffic violations and crashes caused by teen drivers. I thank God that I was never involved in a life-threatening accident. I have to appreciate vehicles as machines that need experience while handling them. As such, the most significant lesson I learned was the need for me to enroll in a driving course to get my certification and license.

On the other hand, when I think of the events leading to that wreck, I tend to believe that my boyfriend at that time never loved as he promised. I have learned that love is respect, trust, affection, and the lack of individualism or selfishness. My boyfriend was selfish and wanted me to risk traveling at night. Therefore, we should avoid selfish thoughts when dealing with others and always so compassion for them. It was a great lesson I learned the day I wrecked my grandmothers Camaro. All in all, the winter experience taught the virtues of hard work, perseverance, and determination. I was very determined to repay my dad the $300. Since then, I have been on my best behavior.

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