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Management Essay Example: Creative-minded Leader

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Creative Minded Leader

A creative minded leader understands the problems facing an organization and is, therefore, able to take the necessary steps in implementing a successful organizational change. One strategy a creative minded leader should use is to communicate the rationale behind the need for change to the other employees. Being able to communicate the need for change effectively and the benefits accompanying it can motivate the employees to embrace the change. Another important strategy is laying out a clear layout of how the change will be achieved including the timeline. Finally, the leader should try to remove barriers that can hinder implementation or predict challenges that are associated with the new change and prepare to deal with them.

Conflict and Organizational Change

The conflict might accompany change initiative in an organization due to the certainty that the change can result in negative consequences within the firm. Such friction acts as a hindrance to change implementation because it reduces trust between the leader and the employees as well as stakeholders. If there exists a disagreement between the leader and the employees, it becomes difficult for the employees who work towards embracing the change would be unwilling hence lead to change the implementation to be unsuccessful.

Strategies to Manage Conflict

In order to have a successful organizational change, it is essential to manage the transitional phase of the change. In the case where the employees are resisting change due to fear of adverse impacts brought within the company by the changer, as a leader, it is necessary to outline the advantages of the change and show how they outweigh the negative ones. Another way is using trusted individuals and approaches to communicate information that address the conflict at the right time and place. It will reduce the gap that might be created due to resistance to change and bring the parties into understanding.

Steps to Integral Mindset

First I will place priority on flexibility on setting my goals. Flexible goals are viable as they can help one adopt with new change that might can on the way to achieving the goal. Secondly, functionality is essential in whatever goals that I set to achieve. Another important aspect is ensuring flow in whatever I do that aligns with my objectives. Also, integration is essential to allow me to make the best results as I will be able to relate to my steps towards reaching my goal. Finally, I have to align all my steps well to connect with each one of them, and this will help me achieve an integral mindset for good results.

Managing Stress

Leaders are always faced with tough decisions that they make especially during organizational change, and this can lead to stressful moments. As a leader, I need to have a positive mind and approach situations realistically being prepared to make the required changes for overcoming a problem. I have learned to recognize my feelings, and those of others and in situations learn to manage the emotions to create a healthy relationship with other people. Finally, I have learned to embrace stress management techniques which include getting enough rest, sleep, and physical exercise as ways of getting rid of negative thoughts and feelings that can result in stress.

Chapter 13

Strategies for Personal Change

I can adopt several strategies one of them being openness and coming out openly about the purpose of change and help people understand the benefits associated with it. Change always is associated with conflict and resistance. At this point, my strength can come in to try and find out what exactly is the problem with the change and see how a win-win situation can be created to ensure that even those who resist the change can still see the benefit in it. Aligning my change with that of the organization is another step towards successful organizational change implementation.

Relevance of Unity Consciousness

The success of an organization adopting change depends on the unity of all the employees, the employer, and other stakeholders. An environment of unity consciousness in an organization enables employees to have a conducive environment to work towards embracing the change. It is also significant in fostering an effective communication and flow of information within the organization which is an essential part of adopting change. Finally, unity helps to identify a problem within the process of change easily through an explicit coordination and allow ample time to fix it in moving towards achieving the change.

Leader I Aspire to Be

I aspire to be an integral leader who understands the issues at hand affecting me and those that affect employees and try to relate to them in solving to ensure a smooth running of the organization. As an integral leader, I can be able to focus on aspects such as flexibility, functionality, integration, and alignment of my objectives to attain the best results. Integral leadership is not only focused on running the organization but also how external factors such as social and political might affect the business.

Type of Leader I am

Currently, I believe I am a reactive leader. I usually feel that pacing loyalty to the organization is the best way to go in achieving the objectives of the firm. Order and efficiency are essential in the organization and for instance when implementing change, if it fails, I believe that I am not the cause of the change but instead moves forward to the next level of change. It is a type of leadership that is holds reduces effectiveness since I have realized that I wait for the problem to hit me before I can react to it.


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