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Essay on Causes of Homeschooling

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Home schooling has become a major trend around the world. Homeschooling is where the parents choose not to send their children to any traditional public or private school but rather provide the basics of formal education to their kids back at home. This paper entails the causes as to why many parents prefer homeschooling to the traditional mode of education.

According to the data collected by the National Home Education Research Institute, there has been a rapid increase of homeschooled children CITATION Bri16 \l 1033 (Brian, 2016). In 2012, more than 2 million children were being homeschooled. The institution projected an increase of these numbers in the coming years, and most parents gave a number of reasons as to why they prefer homeschooling. Some claimed that the reasons for homeschooling were social, academic or religious reasons.

Religion plays a major part in the American culture. Most schools either public or private that are not directly affiliated with a particular religion fail to take it seriously. The fear of religious laws keeps the schools from teaching about great thinkers and achievers who were influenced by religion CITATION Cha11 \l 1033 (Chang, 2011). Most books on history and civics fails to mention that John F. Kennedy was a staunch catholic member and the first US catholic president. The lack of influence on public schools towards religion made parents to school their children on the correlation of both religion and society.

Rise of insecurity on school premises also influenced most parents on homeschooling methods. Failure of the gun control and the rampant outbreak of gun shootings in schools made parents question the safety of their children CITATION Pet09 \l 1033 (Peter, 2009). From the Santa Monica 1881 school shooting to the most recent LA school shooting 2018, there has been an increase in school gun attacks. Such cases caused parents to be more cautious, some choose to homeschool their children to prevent them from being influenced by the violence.

In conclusion, education is the passing down of culture and information from one generation to the next. Both homeschooling and the traditional mode of schooling tend to play the same role but differ on individual ethics and morals. Homeschooling parents prefer their way of schooling because it achieves and meets their wants.


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Effects of Food Poisoning

Food hygiene has become increasingly challenging amongst people today. Most people have experienced food poisoning at least once in their lifetime. Food poisoning can be termed as any illness caused by eating either contaminated food or using directly contaminating foods by either hands or contaminated utensils CITATION MSa03 \l 1033 (M, 2003). However, the main cause of food poisoning is the pathogenic bacteria. This paper will entail the effects caused by food poisoning.

Chronic arthritis a major effect caused by salmonella or shigella infection which causes frequent joint pains, eye irritation and pain during urination. Shigella is caused by feces or inappropriate disposal feces CITATION Dub06 \l 1033 (E, 2006). Kids and homeless people are most likely to be at risk of infection. Recurrent infection of shigella leads to chronic arthritis. Prevention of the spread is to always observe the food hygiene and hand cleanness before eating.

Death is also considered an effect of food poisoning. Almost 5000 people in the United States die of food poisoning annually. Toxoplasma, Salmonella, listeria, campylobacter and norovirus are the five major food poisoning diseases that lead to 90% cause of death CITATION Sca11 \l 1033 (E S. , 2011). The other foodborne illnesses also do cause death only when the patient neglects the symptoms.

In conclusion, food poisoning can be prevented when people observe food hygiene. Prevention is better than cure and observing food cleanliness prevents food contamination. Hygiene is vital for human health and medical practitioners do advice on the observance of hygiene to prevent spread of disease and bacteria.


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