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Speech Example: The Classroom Environment Is the Most Important Factor Affecting Students Learning

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Sewanee University of the South
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Purpose: Together with my colleagues and other relevant education stakeholders, I want to convince them that the environment plays an important role in student learning. The place and situation in which a student receives knowledge is relatively important in the long run and is an important element in the general knowledge impartation process. While many may ignore and look down upon the setting in which students acquire knowledge, it remains one of the most important aspects that determine students success in knowledge acquisition.

Willing Direction: I want to influence and contribute towards developing a feeling and thought of empathy towards the students learning to set. I want my listeners to understand that the environment is an important factor in the general knowledge acquisition and impartation. In this case, the teachers and students will jointly partake in developing an environment in which both of them have a common purpose and direction towards creating a good environment for the same. It would make a lot of sense and purpose to both the student and the teachers to commonly understand the role of the environment in the classroom setting, a situation that would not only solidify the purpose of education in the teacher's profession and the student's process of knowledge acquisition.

The Listeners: My listeners are my present-day colleagues, future colleagues, and parents. They have accumulated knowledge of teaching, familiar with the classroom setting, and student behavior in the general setup of knowledge acquisition. While many education stakeholders such as parents have the notion that teaching is a one-off event in which factors such as the environment setting remain a non-determinant, it is gradually becoming a reality as a strong factor in a student's life. The training teachers receive is meant to equip students with the relevant skills for the modern day practices and challenges. It is thus vital to put into consideration factors such as the relationship between the students and teachers, positive reinforcement conduct, motivation, and explicit knowledge impartation. The environment needs to be tolerant, positive and supportive in all aspects in order to achieve the general objective of knowledge acquisition and impartation.

Speaker Role: I intend to convince my listeners on the importance of the topic and to influence them on the need to take the topic as a relevant aspect of teaching and knowledge impartation. My colleagues understand my deep passion for teaching and I believe that they will take my position seriously in light of the current situation of the classroom setting and the student's condition and position in a class setting. As a speaker, I will endeavor to convince and put forth the position of the condition as a vital aspect of the teaching profession much as it is an interest of major stakeholders in the education sector. I am committed to raising education standards and more so with the implementation of the best teaching practices that put forth the student's interest in all other factors. Besides my deep interest in student welfare, I have a deep passion for the teacher's role as an agent of change in the education sector.

Opportunities present in the situation: It is no doubt that teachers have raised concern about the need to improve and augment the classroom setting by practicing the best teaching methodologies and etiquettes required of them as teachers. At the same time, relevant education stakeholders in addition to the students have in many ways raised the need to change and improve on the classroom setting, a phenomenon that is aimed at improving knowledge impartation and acquisition. I believe many of the listeners will concur with me on the need to improve the classroom setting to achieve the best results for both the teachers and the students. Factors that would form the most important component of the situation include student-teacher relationship, positivity, and good behavior among other relevant components of the classroom setting.

Obstacles/Problems that can stand in the way: Chances are high that a number of my colleagues may not link the classroom setting is an important factor in a student's life, knowledge acquisition, and impartation. In many ways, the listeners may and will equate student's performance to student's ability to concentrate and take a deep interest in education as a whole. The position will in many ways deter my key objective of highlighting and raising forth the need to look beyond the student and understand the environmental setting of the student.

Response from the Response Group and how I think about it: Although the response group had varied positions regarding my topic, the most important aspect that stood forth is the fact that they acknowledged the role and impact of the classroom setting in a student's life during their education. It is, therefore, no doubt that my talk yielded positive response from the group despite the varied opinions raised that pointed to other vital factors in the teacher-student relationship in addition to the environmental factor.

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