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Reflection Essay on General Education

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Wesleyan University
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In the contemporary world, general knowledge is quite imperative in every day rational decision making. As such, one needs to ask whether he has a general knowledge needed. This education is a requirement when it comes to assessing and solving the problems through establishing relevant approach. Correspondingly, general knowledge can be acquired from time to time. It is from the activities we perform, the people we meet, the job places we work, the streets, news and reading materials that we acquire the general knowledge. Pursuing business as a course and long-term career is quite impressive. It is even more fascinating to study and implement many aspects of business if one has a general knowledge. In business, one is needed to establish the source of problems as well as the demand gap, consequently establishing strategies to their solutions effectively. I hope someday I will become a proficient individual in economics as well as become a professional as a financial analyst. For my long-term career goals, I would like to obtain my Master as well as my Doctoral degree later on in life. In doing so, I would contribute quite a significant effort towards research and development in this particular field.

Correspondingly, education is such a powerful tool that one can use to transform the world a great deal. I cannot imagine myself growing without acquiring education. It would be detrimental to development in personal and professional life. I derive my desire to be a successful person in life through education. In this regard, I would like to sponsor the unfortunate children who are quite ambitious but do not have the means to access quality education. I came from a humble background and struggled to study. I totally understand the importance of education.

The world has changed and is still going to transform a great deal due to technology advancement. As such, I do believe that the academic knowledge and my experience will better place me in the competitive job market. I have been a keen student who is interested to learn since kindergarten, for this, I have been privileged to work closely with many instructors and professors on different projects. Additionally, I have earned academic accolades from these institutions and friends. I certainly have gained experience from the internships and various volunteer positions I have been involved in. I will do more on the same. Especially working for the community where I had the chance to enhance my leadership skills in working with teams. All the courses I have undertaken aside from my main career path have equipped me with general knowledge. I have taken courses in health-related topics, psychology as well as sociology. They enhance my ability in comprehending the social behavior of people thus better my skills in working with people. Diversification of knowledge contributes to the effective understanding of many problems people face, which constitutes to general knowledge. I will gladly study more courses especially related to community advocacy in future. This will help me solve community conflicts.

Cocurricular activities as well help in shaping peoples knowledge and social change. I have been actively involved in playing sports. When I was a young person right before college, I loved swimming and even represented my school team in many championships matches against other schools in organized tournaments. I also played soccer but not quite intensely like swimming. Besides, I have found pleasure in joining clubs like the health club and the great debaters club. Being a person with leadership qualities has also seen me assume elective positions. I was elected the head of clubs in high school. In all my undertaking, I have emphasized on holistic development of skills as I know that employers are consistently looking for general knowledge integrated with particular expertise.

Moreover, general knowledge is quite informative when it comes to diversity. I have come to learn various cultures over the past years due to the people I interact with. As an international student and aspiring business person, I have valued learning other languages apart from English since I intend to create an impressive customer-base worldwide. In light of this, communication would not be a primary challenge when I acquire other languages like French, Germany and many more. This can also help me solve different problems among these groups. I have learned The Korean language so far; I tend to consider various cultures to try to understand and avert misinterpretation.

I have done financial statement analysis on home depot and Lowes. In this analysis, I have the opportunity to ascertain the profitability ratios and how the assets are efficiently used in generating revenue for the company. This was a valuable learning experience, and I gained quite significant insight that will apply to my future career. For instance, I learned how to ascertain the companys financial performance, evaluation of assets and wealth and its management. I also learned to monitor and evaluate the operations of the business, predict its future performances, solvency analysis as well as establish objective opinion for an investment decision.

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