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Why Do You Want to Work for UNIQLO - Creative Writing Example

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Harvey Mudd College
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Creative writing
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UNIQLO offers a fresh opportunity for growth. The companys experiences, business practices and both quality and scale of the business will give me room to explore my best potential. In addition to that, the companys values and practices align with my personal career objectives. The vision to be the best in the apparel industry has seen the company put in tremendous effort to realize its growth. I would like to be part of the current and future success stories of the firm.

UNIQLO is known for its strong brand. I believe my past experiences will help me deliver the desired value to the firm. I am passionate to be a contributor to the success of the organization. The company has strong reviews and a super business model. This makes me enthusiastic to work for your firm. I am a firm believer that your company will have the strongest contributing impact to my professional capabilities. The workplace challenges will be able to make me a strong leader which will enable me to be better my future career prospects.

I have listened and read all positive reviews about UNIQLO and I will be excited to work with everyone at the firm.

Tell us about a time you worked in a group to achieve an objective

I am a strong believer in team-playing and participating in a collaborative environment. In my past role at Telenor, I got involved in the sales division. Selling phones and related services at the company is an intricate task that entails all the stakeholders. I was part of a team that was tasked with promoting the services to the large unreached market. it entailed thinking and designing strategies to target the said section of the population and crafting propositions that appealed best to their tastes and finally bringing them to be the companys customers.

The main objective that I and my team were tasked with was to attract the said segment of the market. The sales team comprised of ten people and we divided tasks within ourselves. We divided each task into subtasks and allocated each one of us to handle a specific area. Being in charge of the team gave me the role of specifying the roles that each of them was to handle. Involving the entire team in decision-making ensured that conflicts were reduced. In the end, we helped scale the department, enhanced its customer acquisition strategy and overly contributed to the growth in sales for the company.

Tell us about when you identified a new approach to solve a problem

When I was in charge of the sales team above, I once got confronted by the management for my teams laxity and inefficiency. Unfortunately, over time, a section of the team started being lazy and not completing their tasks on time. I tried to review the way the tasks were allocated but this did not have a significant impact on the overall efficiency of the team.

To solve the problem as the lead salesperson, I decided to research the background of the problem. My findings were that the team were demotivated as a result of low compensation. It became apparent that the team had been suffering in silence and alleged that the company was not paying their commissions on time. I took up the matter with the management and we worked out an expedient remuneration and compensation framework. This approach was effective. It was clear that past intervention strategies were ineffective in addressing the problem as they only addressed the superficial view of the problem and not the real issues that the staffs were facing. This ingenious approach resulted in effective working together and the teams performance soared.

Tell us about a time when you had to manage a number of different priorities and complete tasks in a short time

In my role as Banqueting porter at Grosvenor House, A JW Marriott Hotel, I was in charge of different roles in the hospitality section. I served as the head of the banqueting department. Coordinating different banqueting porters each handling specific tasks such as serving food and drinks, preparing menus, recording transactions, organizing and keeping cleanliness top-notch. There was a time when most of the other banqueting porters were away on other tasks. A few others were on leave. It was an unanticipated time which resulted in clog in work. To maintain the efficiency and standards of the hotel, I had to forego my oversight role and embark on actual handling of the tasks. Multitasking implied that I handled orders while simultaneously recording and preparing menus and other routine tasks. It meant speedy delivery of work and high levels of efficiency. Extending my capabilities to the limit and ensuring that all the safety procedures are checked was critical in maintaining the confidence of the management. It implied that I prioritized customer orders while ensuring that no mess happens in the other segments of the business. While it was hard, the end outcomes were positive as there was no drastic disruption of service and organizational efficiency.

Tell us about a project you worked on that required you to persuade others to your point of view

My sales role at Telenor Group in Bulgaria was immensely beneficial to me as it equipped me with persuasion skills. The stint gave me the task of persuading people to buy the companys product. Specializing in the unreached segments of the market, the task entailed working together to come up with strategies to make the products marketed to appeal to the target audience in order to increase the chances of committing a sale. Targeting such an audience demanded strong market research and profiling, understanding of the tastes of the consumers and customizing the brand to suit them. Basically, the position entailed utilizing all the skills and competencies to persuade people to buy into the companys offers. As the branch manager and the lead salesperson, the task entailed that I represent the face of the company. Through this way, it was easier to persuade potential clients to my side of view.


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