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Essay on Clinical Nurse Specialist Role in Preoperative Educational Urology Class

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In essence, transition in regards to the perioperative environment comes in plenty and should be therefore considered as a high-risk endeavor. Historically, the main objectives of preoperative assessment test have been to identify the factors that tend to facilitate the increase this complication among patients (Wegner et al.,2015). Primarily, the rate of perioperative complications has reduced in the contemporary society, thanks to the improved anesthetic as well as more improved surgical technique. Technological advancement in the medical departments has enabled nurses to work efficiently in ensuring that patients receive the best services ever.

Primarily, there has been increasing complexity in the perioperative due to e rapid advancement in the technological especially in coming up with particular institutional production pressure (Lamb et al.,2017). In essence, the purpose of various discussions by various nurses on the topic at hand has been to determine the role of these nurses in the perioperative aspect of patients (Walsgrove, 2016). Additionally, various qualitative, as well as descriptive studies, have proposed to find out the contributions of these medical practitioners in the care act. There has been a rising concern on the nurses contributions to the transitions in regards to care in the vast perioperative environment.

Essentially, the assessment by the nursing on the preoperative assessment helps in describing the patients vulnerability or rather various factors that result in poor surgical outcomes in the hospitals (Phillips, 2016). In case it becomes hard to lessen the patients vulnerability, such patient needs to be at least identified so that the nurses can manage them is such environmental conclusions. Apparently,the overall consequences of imminent ineffective transitional care environment is an aspect that is well articulated in various literal works. The research can, therefore, guide particular evidence-based perioperative nursing interventions thus ensuring that there is an effective especially in the various perioperative environment.

Past studies have indicated that successful outcomes concerning the application of various interventional methods of education are more likely to improve the compliance by the patient. Lack of proper patients training as well as education there is a likelihood that ideal care may not be gained (Blendon et al.,2014). Given the overall importance of the patient adherence especially during preoperative stages, it is critical for nurses to look at different factors that are likely to improve the overall rate of compliance to the preoperative protocol for treatment (Brown, Edwards, Seaton, &Buckley, 2017). The best method is to, therefore, improve the adherence to the instruction regarding preoperative is the provision of enough patients education on the discussed topic.

The possibility of patients adhering to a given set of ethics lies solely on how the nurses are going to train these individuals to comply to the set rules and regulations before the preoperative treatment in a particular medical institution (Waldie & Smylie, 2012). Researchers have indicated that the teaching of preoperative is critical and therefore affects the length of stay, pain, anxiety as well as the satisfaction of a particular patient (Walsgrove, 2006). While traditional preoperative educational and training programs have indicated various beneficial effects for the patients of orthopedic, attending classes in regards to the preoperative treatment has become a challenge for patients, their families, as well as their friends who are likely to travel too far from their residentially homes which is many cases places such as Kentucky (Rothrock, 2014). While the attendance of the preoperative classes is never mandatory for one to proceed with the operation, surgery coordinator often invites these patients at attending this class.Bibliography

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