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The Effects of To Err Is Human in Nursing Practice - Nursing Essay Example

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Quality chasm advocates for giving patients the freedom to get access to their own clinical and health information thereby improving health outcomes and care processes. Web-based information and electronic health records can encourage healthy behavior and improve patient knowledge. There is however very little information on how nurses can help their patients fully get access to their information. Nurses can help in the efforts in making these rules applicable to the health system as they are a major influence in the reshaping of the nursing practice.

In my organization, one of the current rules is still being used. This rule is the assumption that care is mainly based on visiting the patients (Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Quality of Health Care in America, 2001). The rule applies to both the nurses and visitors. Relatives and friends of the patients are advised to visit the patient regularly to keep him company and give him motivation. One of the current rules has however transformed into a new rule whereby means are sought to reduce costs. Nowadays, means are sought to ensure that wastage is significantly reduced (Wakefield, 2008). It aims at greatly reducing the overall cost, to begin.

One of the benefits of information technology on patient safety is the benefit of electronic health records (Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Quality of Health Care in America, 2001). One can retrieve or store data easily, easy retrieval of patient information, and better reporting and tracking of diagnostic testing and consultation. Health informatics has greatly helped my organization in providing high-quality health care to patients("6 Ways Health Informatics Is Transforming Health Care", 2016). It provides a way of patients being able to give their doctors urgent information and share it with friends, other patients and, family. It helps patients have control over their healthcare. My organization, however, needs help in sharing and coordinating information with other clinicians. These help in interacting with one another in new ways.



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