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Essay on Why I Want to Become a Nurse

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Harvey Mudd College
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Personal statement
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Nursing is such as challenging, diverse, and a valuable career that I feel is right for me. It requires reliable, practical, and conscientious people with skills in establishing trust with new people. I want to become a nurse because I possess these skills and a genuine desire to work with people and assist them in time of need. When I was eight years old, I got a laceration on my arm, and my parents who were both nurses controlled the bleeding and took me to hospital. I saw how kind, caring, and genuine the staff were, and this made me realize that I wanted to pursue nursing. This cemented my career choice because I learned that nurses are so caring and the positive impact they have on a patient is tremendous. I acknowledged the influence of a nurse in a persons life, and this instilled a passion in me to become a nurse one day.

Secondly, I want to become a nurse because it is an incredibly rewarding career. I want to gain specialized training that will enable me to provide excellent patient care and help them make progress in life by the application of systematic nursing approaches that address their needs. I yearn to make a difference and impact on patients who depend on nurses. I am immensely inspired to gain knowledge and practical skills in this field to give unsurpassed help and be able to make patients comfortable and happy in trying times genuinely. I believe that nursing is going to give me an opportunity to gain new and exciting insights from the diverse courses offered that are crucial in nursing. With my both parents having worked as nurses, it has given me an open minded knowledge of what nursing entails, and I have seen the reward my parents have for their dedication in their place of work.

Furthermore, I have chosen to nurse because from a personal experience I know how important and satisfying when a patient receives good care at their most vulnerable time. I desire the feeling of helping someone regain their health, dignity, and independence after going through a sickness. I anticipate that a degree in nursing will mark the start of a lifelong career that will offer a substantial difference in the lives of the patients that I will help. I am enthusiastic about a nursing career because I am confident that I can take the challenges since I have the determination and motivation to achieve my desired career that would be instrumental in opening a gateway of opportunities for me in future.

Finally, through my work as a lifeguard for over seven years, I have learned to take a special interest in people in need and being able to help them passionately. As a lifeguard, it was mandatory to get certified in First Aid, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and oxygen which has instilled in me the desire and interest in healthcare. My duties included observing the swimmers and pointing out emerging hazards, administering first aid, and rescue. I once saved a young girl who was hit by a wave and drowned in the beach. I took her out of the water and performed compressions on her chest till she was out of danger. Saving this girl made me realize the value of life, how quickly it can be lost, and that I possess the power to change lives. Through this, I gained experience in helping people in distress and would relish an opportunity to enrich this knowledge further at the University.

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