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Social Media in Nursing - Essay Example

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The article social media in nursing: friend or foe is writing by Rachel Rode Leah that explains the implications of nursing on the basis as to whether social media is a friend or foe. Within the details and context of the writing, it provides on a closer and accurate view on how social media is altering the nursing community which comprises the patients, the health practitioners, and the healthcare facility as a whole. The report focuses on the examples of incidences that involve nursing which in numerous ways affect the nursing sector and defines on the details surrounding the care and social media with the particulars as Rachel Rode gives on the effects nurses encounter in involving social media to their nursing profession.

However, since the relationship between nursing and social media entails a vast set of occurrences, Leah Rachel begins by giving an illustration concerning the involvement of social media to nurses. She presents on the placenta incident which involves a nursing student who uploaded a picture leaning next to a human placenta on Facebook. The student was not aware of the consequences of her intentions were not evil. Nonetheless, her behavior was termed unprofessional and violated the nursing ethics expecting her to maintain patient confidentiality, and as for this reason, she faced expelling from nursing school. The context of the example implies on the different consequences social media may have to the nursing profession regardless of the intentions. Within the article, it gives on the implications behind the concern of people in following proper beliefs (Bode, 2015).

Despite the consequences, the article also focuses on the benefits of social media to nursing. It provides a platform for interaction between nurses and helps give access to a broad content of helpful information. If used correctly, then the chances are that it will help develop the delivery and quality of healthcare. First, it helps the nurses in resolving their emotional and mental issues. Second, it promotes productive relationships between nurses among others. With the proper uses of social media to nursing, the quality of care develops together with reducing the costs. Nurses are facing emotional fatigue every day in the workplaces; thus, social media may be beneficial to the entire nursing setting.

Additionally, the article also provides the consequences that may incur in case there is a misunderstanding of beliefs by nurses. When a nurse misunderstands on the size of social media that they are posting the information to for example, when they may think only a few friends can view it, it may cause challenges and issues that may affect them in one way of the other. For instance, when they misunderstand what patient confidentiality entails, and post a patients medical records. If the information gains retracing back to the patient, there are consequences both to the healthcare practitioner and also the healthcare facility as a whole.

On the other hand, Leah gives specific examples that involve the nursing community with the benefits and consequences social media renders to it. There are details on how the media platforms develop nursing activities and empower the nurses. It helps in giving the best medical decision and also address their issues which may involve reducing work burnout. Regardless of the advantages, it poses a significant risk to the nursing community. The chance for the development of threat is higher than the benefits it comes along within the context of nursing.


The involvement of social media to nursing delivers on a collection of issues that affect health care. It may impact the nursing community negatively and in other cases positively which falls on the content of the article on whether social media is a foe or a friend in nursing. It is essential to understand the component of nursing content while using social media. It gives on the decision concerning social media usage in nursing as to the benefits the media platforms deliver to the nurse and the professional risks it might render in one way or the other. The focus details on the effects of social media on the nursing profession, benefits to the nurses and the entire healthcare facility, majoring on whether it is required or not.


Bode, L. R. (2015). Social Media in Nursing: Friend or Foe?

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