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Essay on Good Diagnostic Writing

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University of Richmond
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Critical thinking
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It goes without sayings that education is the key and in order to be successful one has to input a lot of efforts. For the students it is holiday time once done with the exams but its no holiday for the lecturers until the books are closed and the final grades are in. Another point worth putting into consideration in the fact that diagnostic writing is an important aspect of thriving in writing well. For one to become a good writer there are some qualities one need to have attained. Ones needs be a regular reader of articles, Secondly one has to be a lover of writing stories and articles to perfect him/herself as a good writer. Thirdly one needs to go over the already done work to look and correct any mistakes that might have been omitted while writing. Finally has again to re-read the work again and again till the work is of satisfaction.

There are several types of responses that one uses when it comes to responses to some diagnostic writings. To commence with there is Facilitative responses where the response is more structured as a question and is more crafted to encourage the writer on ideas and expressions more. Secondly directive responses that are more precise on the issue in topic and gives the directives to be taken by the writer. Finally corrective responses that deal with the errors made by the writer for instance the grammar mistakes made on the diagnostic writing.

Taking the diagnostic writing on the link all on the assignment it is clearly depicted that all types of responses are relevant. For instance public schools delivering on poor writing skills they fall under the facilitative and corrective responses in that they should change the way in which they instill grammar and phrase their sentences and paragraphs, making it more easy for the better understanding of the skills of writing by the learners.

Secondly on the rules and conformities that teaching institutions have created for schools to confirm to and test their level of understanding and learning instead of trying to bring out the best creativity out of them, can fall under the directive response in that the learning institutions should not be biased on the disciplinary conformities of the schools more and forget about the creativity part of giving morale to the demotivated students and increase their resource facilities needed. The learning institution management should also look for better training teachers to teach bin their schools for better services to be offered.

Thirdly in the link there is the usage of tweets and the use of lol-ify cat pictures and tags that falls under the response of directive response in that there is a direct change in some articles and such making it better to understand and make it easy for the students to get the diagnostic writing concepts and tricks. Better ideas come to the student once the facilitative response is used to question in a rather unique way the usage of some ideas they have in mind but cant seem to get a grip on the idea fully thus helping them get more of what they were supposed to think of.


In a nutshell the type of response used to answer particular questions matters a lot as it has an effect on the understanding and change of the whole idea from a different perspective. Good Diagnostic writing is more of the hard work used to get perfect in grammar.



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