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Research Paper on Medical Errors

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Vanderbilt University
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Research paper
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Measures Identified from the Interviews,

The problem of medical errors is a crucial issue in the organization (Wright & Khatri 2015). The leaders proposed several intervention measures that would help to improve the situation. To begin with, the institution should invest more time and resources geared to curbing the incidences of medical errors. The medical team should introduce and reinforce different principles in the work environment. Standardization and simplification should be enforced as fundamental human factors principles and should be enhanced in the institution. Other measurement includes the effective use of chart reviews including medical charts, laboratory and prescription data. The system can be improved by adopting computerized data. The challenges to obtaining the data that were discussed, and a summary of how this quality indicator is measured in the literature (Makary & Daniel 2016).

Gaps in the data identified and sources necessary to obtain this data.

The gap identified is audit as an educational activity as a means of promoting high-quality care. Auditing involves making clear definitions, setting standards and protocols to implement the best standards of practice. Audit should include a systematic gathering of objective performance to fit the stated criteria. The data obtained in the institutions should be compared to preset criteria and operations standards. After comparison, shortcomings should be identified and addressed to come up with methods of improvement and elimination of identified medical errors (Starmer et al. 2014).

Research on improving and eliminating medical error nursing practice.

The issue of medical error is a global problem, and various research has been carried out on strategies that would be efficient to curb the problem (Brunsberg et al. 2017). The major interventions include direct observation and reporting systems. Reporting systems include incident reporting where a practicing is obligated and restricted to give a timely narrative report regarding an error. Voluntary reporting, however, is structured to be anonymous and blame free to enhance honest collection of data and hence responsive intervention strategies (Hobgood et, al 2016).



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