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Personal Purpose in Nursing Science - Paper Example

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I am 29 years old living in Saudi Arabia, and I have a bachelor degree in nursing science with a GPA of 4, 46. I graduated in the year 2013 from Ulster University, United Kingdom and I have three years experience in Critical Care Nursing and almost one year experience in Primary Health Care.


I would like to study Primary Health Care in your Institution as a program that will contribute to advancing my education in the nursing field. This is because, Saudi Arabia, like many areas of the world, has been faced and significantly challenged by a nursing shortage, states a report from the World Health Organization. This dearth of national nurses has been a significant problem due to many factors which include social, educational, system and individual reasons. Additionally, the annual supply of Saudi nursing graduates has also been insufficient in meeting the demands of the expanding health care services. It is reported that there are only 40 nurses for every 10,000 of the Saudi Arabia population, marking a 30% chronic nursing shortage that had deteriorated by the massive migration of nurses (World Health Organization, 2010). The Saudi Arabian government though has committed enormous resources to be able to improve health care, with the goal of providing free and accessible healthcare services for every Saudi national and expatriate working within the public sector (Almutairi, McCarthy & Gardner, 2015). Healthcare organizations require a stable, highly trained and fully engaged nursing staff. A growing shortage of qualified nurses has led to a steady increase in the turnover rate among the nurses because they are people, who represent a dominant force for bringing about the changes to be able to meet the needs of health for all and because they also play a central role in delivering health care.

Despite being the most significant provider group, healthcare organizations in Saudi Arabia are also experiencing a severe shortage of qualified registered nurses. This deficit has been critically attributed by many factors including increased demand for health care due to the advances in medical technology, increased population growth, increased life expectancy and the increased numbers of chronically and critically ill patients (Almalki, FitzGerald & Clark, 2011).

My most significant interest to further my studies in your institution is due to the long nursing training program, which takes five years compared with three years in the United Kingdom and many developed countries which is a situation that has discouraged many students from partaking nursing here in Saudi Arabia. The improved system of studies abroad and the high exposure in the education system has also been a top motivation for me which I believe will be an excellent field for me to study and work hard. I, Therefore, I hope to advance my nursing career so that I can be a resource to my country. Thank you in advance.


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