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Essay on Being an Educator

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Middlebury College
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Research paper
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Public K-12 education aims to provide the necessary basic skills that one needs to achieve in regards to their professional development. Often, this is an educational system which primarily focuses on improving the quality of the learners in regards to their productivity and responsibility. The key factors that determine a students achievement are the quality of the teaching and the kind of leadership that the school provides. For instance, Educators tend to get involved in certain aspects of professional development to cater to the needs of the students. In turn, this has proven to be effective in some ways such as students can increase both their learning abilities and achievements (Hytten, 2018). Successful educational experience is determined by the Educators ability to address the learning challenges that students come across clearly.

Moreover, moral imperatives such as social justice are considered of great value when it comes to effective teaching. Teachers are specifically required to portray various principals and defensible stance in their field of work. A school should implicate certain habits by which the learners can benefit. In general, for an effective approach towards social justice in schools, there is a need for social relationships, which should perceive certain attributes such as being humane and the democratic habit needs to develop properly. Also, applying critical consciousness as well as the sustainment of diversity are also considered as important factors. Guidelines such as cultivating open-mindedness, being able to show respect towards one another and the ability to care and show compassion towards certain responsibilities are what an educator requires.

Teachers need to effortlessly understand that justice and empowerment play an equally important role as mutual respect and encouragement. About the kind of practices they carry, they should also realize the fact that this has a profound effect on how they view themselves as social, situated beings. Regarding their relationship with students, they should not only give information but also see the kind of influence that it has towards the students. Thus, how the information is perceived certainly affects the kind of traits a learner possesses. In particular, their personality towards developing new learning concepts and also extensive knowledge of matters related to opinions, among others. Resistance in students can be one of the most difficult oppression to deal with. However, the best way to approach such a situation is by creating system and structures which can be considered humane and more inclusive. In turn, it serves a broader purpose in preparing on how well can the student can relate to the society.

Overall, education often plays a vital role in equipping one with knowledge and skills necessary for professional development. Educators often get involved in certain aspects of professional development to attend to the needs of the students. With ethical values such as social justice and educational equity, they tend to implicate certain habits which have a positive impact towards the learner. Various principals and guidelines such as open-mindedness cultivation and mutual respect also prepare how the student can view the society in a fair way. The educational experience is only considered successful if an educator addresses the kind of challenges students come across. Finally, the creation of specific system and structures are widely considered as the best option for dealing with student resistance. It usually has a profound effect on improving a students personality thus developing new learning concepts.


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