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Paper Example: The Misk School in Saudi Arabia

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HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Salman founded Misk School in 2016. The Institution intends to advance the intellectual capacity of the people in Saudi Arabia through educative models that are unique as well as use of curriculum of the International Baccalaureate found at the hearts of the communities in the region. The values of the school combine experiential learning and project-based learning to shape some of the most important minds in the world. The institution aims at equipping the students with entrepreneurial skill, which will prepare them for the challenges that come with the modern day life.

Goals and objectives

The purpose of Misk schools is to provide a thriving hub of learning in South Arabia in order to nurture the minds of young people and prepare them for the challenging lives in the global economy. To offer a world-class access to the development of talents as well as unleashing the positive character of individuals


To progress the intellectual capital of the people in Saudi Arabia by empowering a new generation of Leaders, Thinkers, and Innovators


The vision of the school is to generate opportunities for the intellectual development of the people in Saudi, Releasing the Positive Power in them, and Improving Saudi Arabias Cultural Status and society.

Core Values

The core values of the institution include adaptive rigor where the organization maintains its aspects to remain relevant to its core objective. Besides, there is also an open exchange where there is continuous communication between the institution and the parents as well as a strong tie between the education sector and the community. Also, there is attentive empathy where each stakeholder is offered a personalized attention as well as a fair approach to individual requirements. Moreover, there is the provision of quality services where there are programs, policies, and curriculum entailed in providing relevant skills. There is also integrity where all activities are conducted ethically.

School Cultures

School cultures are the set of beliefs and norms that the students and teachers hold on concerning learning and teaching. Some of the school cultures include; the interactions and relationships are held with appreciation, openness, and respect. Also, learning resources such as books are equally distributed amongst the students including those with disabilities and the minority. All the students have access to facilities and services that may enable them to succeed academically. Moreover, it is the culture of the school that the success of the students and the teachers are recognized and celebrated. School cultures assist a learning institution in diverse ways such as making it clear about the goals of a school, the establishment of networks which are collaborative. School culture also motivates students and teachers to develop positive attitudes towards achieving success for the institution. The cultures support the objectives of the learning institution positively.

Customers and Consumers

Misc school is customer focused where the interests of the stakeholders, students, parents, and the community are put at heart. Notably, it uses the information from the customers who are the students and parents to improve the quality and nature of the work. Students, who are the primary customers, pay fees, which are used to pay the teachers for the services rendered. Services offered by the school includementorship, attendance and discipline policies, and peer counselling. Through mentorship, a student is able to overcome challenges related to learning both in and out of schools and hence achieve their full potential. In addition, through the close working between the students and the teachers, the tutors are able to identify the pupils who are slow learners and come up with measures to assist the students.

External Factors that can affect the Institution

Political instability creates tension amongst the teacher, parents, and students. As a result, there is no conducive environment for education to take place. In contrary, a stable political environment creates an appropriate setting for studies to take place. Similarly, an environment may influence an educational sector positively or negatively. It affects studies adversely when the environment is infested by diseases hence infecting the students and making them sick. On the other hand, it affects studies positively when there is an appropriate environment away from diseases, and therefore the students can concentrate on studies. Legal issues may be of beneficial or disadvantageous to a learning institution. Apparently, the HR may prevent the external factors from affecting the institution negatively by ensuring that the company`s policies are frequently updated about the policies of the government.

Structures in the organization

Just like any other organization, Misk School is made of different organizational structures comprising of finance, human resource, administration, sales, and guidance and counseling. Notably, the finance department is responsible for keeping accounting records, managing the cash, implementing the strategies of cash management, and planning involving finance. The human resource department deals with hiring and firing of workers and making the payrolls. The office of guidance and counseling is responsible for offering advice to both the students and the workers who need counseling. The school administration and manages the staff and are responsible for making decisions regarding academics. The administration also ensures that students acquire quality education and are studying in an environment that is appropriate.

Roles of the HR to Support Organization`s strategy

The human resource manager serves important roles in many organizations. He or she recommends ways in which a team can manage individuals as business resources. Some of the key roles played by the Human Resource Management include ensuring the institution complies with the laws involving labor such as working hours and the minimum age for employment. He or she trains the new employees onprimary responsibilities. In addition, the department also keeps a record regarding purchases, income, expenses, and summary of the transactions in the business. Moreover, the HR ensures there is a good relationship between the staff and the employees. In situations where there is an argument between the employees, it is the role of the HR to come up with a solution regarding the disputes.

Roles of the HR to Support Line ManagementNotably, the Line Managers rely on HR managers in the provision of sharing and facilitation knowledge, which is made of a series of tasks. In addition, the HR offers advice to the line managers on how to identify and determine the qualifications and skills required for staff in a particular department. Also, the HR prepares the line managers for different leadership responsibilities. The HR develops objectives based on how the line managers understand the coaching philosophy of the organization. A good relationship between the line managers and the HR makes it easier to resolve conflicts when they arise in an organization. The HR relies on the documented information by the line managers regarding employees decisions and actions and hence may be used to reach an agreement. HHRIn essence, the HR and line managers work together to certify that the organization meets its core objective.


Misk School was founded by HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. The Institution intends to advance the intellectual capacity of the people in Saudi through educative models that are unique as well as the curriculum of the International Baccalaureate. The mission of the school is to progress the intellectual capital of the people in Saudi Arabia by empowering a new generation of Leaders, Thinkers, and Innovators. On the other hand, the vision of the school is to generate opportunities for the intellectual development of the people in Saudi, Releasing the Positive Power of the people and Improving Saudi Arabias Cultural Status and society. The structure of an educational institution comprises of the administration, finance, HR, and the guidance and counseling departments. Notably, the Human Resource Manager plays an essential role in the management of a school such as ensuring the school policies is abiding by the government laws.


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