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Essay on My Biggest Problem

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Boston College
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Admission essay
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My biggest problem was when I received a promotion to be a Law Firm Administrator in July 2017.  The Office Manager unexpectedly left to pursue another career.  Shortly, in September 2017, my supervising attorney left to pursue her law practice, my secretary decided to return to her farm business full-time, and my legal assistant took her maternity leave.

Suffice it to say, I was swamped with paralegal and management duties. I often worked 12-hours per day including weekends. Even though I managed the firms attorneys and staff schedule, I still shamefully failed to implement and maintain my time especially on coursework.

Clearly Illustrate the changes that have occurred which will ensure the circumstance noted will no longer affect your academic success moving forward.

When I began looking at my degree plan, I was discouraged by all the failing grades, and the earned credits versus attempted credits. Had it not been for the CTU Incomplete Policy, I wouldnt have passed HRMT 440; a course that I already had a tremendous amount of experience.

During my FA Warning period, I notified my employer of the increased duties at work and decreased success with my coursework. I expressed how much I loved my career primarily in helping individuals and also that my educational goals were equally important.

To ensure my academic success, I assisted my employer with hiring two new employees and an intern and coordinated a work-from-home schedule for my legal assistant. I also modified my work schedule to include two days per week, plus every weekend, working from home. I have a 45-minute commute to work (one-way), so the work-from-home days will afford me more time to work on my assignments, and with fewer distractions.

Most importantly, I designed a strict schedule, incorporated with my Google work schedule, with designated study times at work and at home. I also purchased a tablet, so I can login to my dashboard when Im stuck waiting in court (sometimes for hours), and during my commute to and from work when Im able to carpool.

Finally, I informed my needy family law clients, family, and friends of my desire to fulfill my degree plan, and earn my bachelors degree. I may have to remind a few, but I anticipate the distractions will now be minimal. With hard work, dedication, and prayer, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Briefly state your reasoning for attending school as well as why you feel you are a candidate for reinstatement.

It has always been a life-long dream of mine to attend and graduate college with my bachelors degree in business. I grew up in the inner city of Philadelphia and watched so many people, including my own family, struggle because of limitations inherent due to lack of proper education. I was the third of four brothers that graduated high school and watched my brothers enter the workforce not considering acquiring a college education. Immediately after high school, I enrolled at West Virginia University and began to pursue a business degree. However, I decided that my need to work outweighed my goal to obtain my degree, and hence I left school to begin working full-time.


Through all the experience I gained in the workforce, I still face limitations because I do not have a degree. A few years ago, I wanted to join an industry-specific organization with my colleagues and friends. Despite my knowledge in the legal industry, I could not participate since I lacked a degree. Attending school and earning my degree is a dream that I have always believed I would accomplish. Moreover, I believe that the success in my career and the goal to become a lawyer must be met with the successful completion of my degree program at CTU.

I feel I am a good candidate for reinstatement because I have been able to improve my academic skills by identifying my strengths and weaknesses, understanding my feelings, recognizing risks, and implementing change.


Remember, you will need to save this document with your completed entries above in order to attach it within the SAP Academic Appeal Form.


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