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My Work or Goals - Personal Statement Example

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When still at a tender age I have advocated for rights for human education. In the past ten years journey, I have devoted myself and volunteered in promoting and ensured equal access to quality education through different programs created at non-profit organizations. The primary objectives of our program's focuses on girl's access to education. As we know girls are the mainstay of a society and when a girl is empowered and attains a financially independent through education, it's possible that she can have the ability to feed her family, educate siblings, and educate her future children. Through education, it's possible she can break cycles of poverty in their household. Hence she can propel a nation towards educational progress, and if this is replicated in many households, it will have a positive economic growth. My agenda and efforts have been on working on bettering afghan girls'. This effort has helped in breaking the Afghanistan Society traditions sees girls as the commodity for men's advantage and make money by marrying young girls to older men for money purposes. My goal is to hard work is to get opportunities, charting the path for other Afghan girls who are visionaries and dreamers to reach their destinations without the obstacles that I encountered when I grew up. It is time to show faith in dreams of girls of my county can be achieved through action and putting an effort in education to be independent in future and forget not expect trust or support from a traditional man in Afghan tradition. Also strengthening education system in Afghanistan, for girls to access affordable and quality education can be achieved through a firm commitment of those who have the will and courage to work for it. I believe by unleashing the potential of many Afghan girls, Afghanistan can be saved from war; terrorism and poverty to allow the girl child attend to schools. It is my goal and mission to shed light on a matter as important as women's rights in Afghanistan a place where it rarely cares not about the rights of the women.

For a choice to pursues Engineering course might take longer and even an odd career selection for a girl like me who as to hard work extra mile for girls' rights but it's true that engineering is the most empowering career choice that I ever chose. Through Engineering I acquired my leadership skills in business and science. Engineering as a profession has a higher propensity to achieving girl's financial stability that she may desire. Investing in the girls in the developing countries can raise their voice for defending their rights and their talents. Engineering as a profession it gives a strong financial base; it also enables the girls with the amplifying factor to their voice and space in the society and to have a strong stand in defending their rights. In future, my entrepreneurial goals' is to pursue a construction business slab. Due to established social enterprise goals in Afghanistan as an engineer, it turned me into the problem solver of society. I ventured into other businesses on saffron cultivation in Herat City, with my father's Help we brought Saffron seeds from Holland and planted saffron in farmlands of Herat to help women farm workers financially. I taught them skills on saffron cultivation, and Presently Herat has the best quality saffron in the world and many farmers in Herat benefit from Saffron cultivation in their lands.

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