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Personal Statement Example to Kuwait University, College of Engineering and Petroleum, Civil Engineering Department

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Personal statement
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Buildings and other structure surrounding us ranging from roads to significant housing offices are all reliant on the prowess of civil engineers. Growing up as a child I have always been impressed with the beauty and design of these structures, and more often I could make simple buildings on my own and compare them to the big ones. While this was from clear impression at a young age it led me to what I can say is the most fulfilling courses: civil engineering in the prestigious Kuwait experience at Kuwait during the four and half years I studied made me recognize that a career in civil engineering is what I want. Worldwide there are beautiful buildings and other structures which have mostly given me pride in pursuing the civil engineering profession. With such passion, I have been able to succeed at the university graduating as an A student after four and half years in the institution.

Besides graduating from the institution and performing well academically, I have come to understand that civil engineering is not all about the studies at the university as it requires field practices. For that reason, before writing to you, I have taken time to learn more about my career and gained some valuable knowledge that has continuously encourage me to pursue it as a professional. Enrolling in an internship program seems to be a great idea that I believe will enable me to sharpen the necessary skills involved in engaging in significant civil engineering activities. Being a junior engineer, I will focus on areas of construction and design as this is something that gets my attention every time I look at the built structures. Kuwait university despite having professionals who teach at the institution has one of the modern structures that are so beautiful making the learning environment very interesting. The professors and doctors at Kuwait university also inspire me to my career as a civil engineer. Interactions with them during my undergraduate engineering studies have greatly influenced my decision to pursue a masters course at the university. As role models the way they do their jobs within the institution makes me want to be like them in future.

Personally, I am self-driven individuals who adhere to the instruction set by the management things I believe are crucial for one to attain academic success without getting in the way of others. Besides being a responsible individual, I can easily relate to individuals from diverse cultures who study at Kuwait university while others I meet in my daily life. All this are vital to my career because civil engineering requires one not only needs one to exercise their technical skills but also learn to apply productive communication to other players such as architectures and quantity surveyors.

Away from academics, I engaged in other activities like being a member of a football club playing cricket as well as others things I believe play an enormous role in one enjoying their studies. Through sports, I was able to keep fit and healthy to keep me going well within the institution. Hopefully, in future, I set up my civil engineering firm and continue building quality structures that inspire potential engineers. To achieve this, I believe taking masters degree at Kuwait university is crucial towards to realizing my ambitions

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