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Essay on the Effect of Television on Children

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Exposure to different media has a profound influence on the psychosocial development of children. Due to this, it is vital for children to provide age-appropriate use and guidance for the use of all media. This media, including television, video games, music, the internet, and radio are technologies that are ever growing and hence their impact cant be ignored. Television use has grown over the years. It can produce both negative and positive impact on children and adolescents. The developmental levels of a child determine how they react to what they are watching and hence it is appropriate for parents to control what their children view. This ensures that they only get to be exposed to the positive side of television and not the negative, like exposure to negative languages. Television can affect the psychosocial development of children either positively and negatively, and it is dependent on the type of television they are exposed to, and hence it should be controlled by parents.


A research done in 2010 showed that the average time a child watches Television has increased over time, with the average time an American child watches television is about 4.5 hours in a day. Though numerous research have been done on the effect, this has on children the actual effect has not been determining (Canadian Paediatric Society, 2003). Concerns though have arisen on the negative impact television has on children, mostly the propagation of media violence. Early exposure to television has led to aggressive behaviors in children considering other factors like parental negligence, violence in the neighborhood and the income of the parents. Not all children exposed to negative content on television act it out.

With the knowledge on the effect watching television can have on children it is important for it to be controlled. Variables like which shows would be watched, the amount of time that should be spent watching television and what kind of shows should be he watched, should be monitored. Not having television doesnt mean that your child will not be exposed to it, children always find a way and might watch it in schools, at a friends place or in any other place. Due to this, as a parent, you need to have the knowledge on the positive and negative side of television and use this knowledge in making strict rules on the use of television. Television can be positive if used correctly. It has been known to have a positive impact on the ability to influence the development of new skills, gaining new skills and positive entertainment. Television also exposes children to different cultures.

There are numerous televisions channels that offer content that is informative and educative to children. A common example is Sesame Street which is an educative program for preschoolers. There are channels that offer only educational content like subjects like geography, math, science, history and art and craft. Through watching television, children are also able to learn different languages that are being used throughout the world. Television exposes children to different culture. With a little control from parents, children can be exposed to the different cultures in the world. This makes them travel the world without even moving from their chairs. This though should be controlled as they should only be exposed to positive culture.

Television is a form of entertainment. The numerous sounds and colorful images that are being shown in television capture the attention of children and keeps them engaged. Cartoon and movies are being used to keep kids occupied and entertain them. It is important though to control as too much exposure to this entertainment can be detrimental to their social wellbeing. Exposure to sports like baseball, tennis, and soccer is a great experience for children. It is important though to view sports with them so that you can tell them the rules, game plays and other facts about these sports. This will create their interest in these sports. Through viewing the success of media personalities, children can be inspired to try out new things. They can also use the knowledge they have acquired in television shows to create new hobbies and talents. While the positive impact of televisions cant be ignored, parents need to be careful about what their children view as the negative impact of television is profound. Television not only reduces the physical activities of children but also impacts the social development of children.

Children mostly get addicted to watching television shows. This greatly reduces the amount of physical activity that children take part in. Too much television leads to health issues too like issues with visions and obesity. Research shows that there is a direct connection between the increasing number of obesity in children and the amount of time spent watching television (Gongala, 2017). Social interactions of children are also affected by too much television. Watching television reduces the number of time children use with their social circle. This might affect theory communication skills and knowledge. Television has been known to reduce the time children use reading as they prefer watching to reading.

Brain development is also affected. The first years of the life of a child are really important in the development of the brain. The John Hopkins University research on the topic states that toddlers who watch television for more than two hours a day usually experience behavioral problems as it alters the structure of the brain (Gongala, 2017). This is because they are exposed to vices. Inappropriate content on sex Drugs and alcohol use can be accessed through television. Some television shows showcase violence in a positive light and children can misunderstand this. This might encourage the aggressive and violent nature of children, and this can be detrimental to the development of their social well-being. Television gives a negative view of the world, where violence is condoned, consumerism encouraged, and the world is seen as an unsafe place.


It is the duty of the parent to control what their child watches to reduce the damaging nature of television. They should pick the right television shows that show the right content, pick shows that have a short watching duration and sets the right tone and pace. Parents should encourage viewing educational programs. The time for watching television should be limited depending on the age. Children should not be allowed to watch television during mealtime or while in their bedrooms. Television should not be used as a babysitter. Schooldays should have strict television rules.

The impact of television on children is profound on children and affects the development of a Childs' brain and hence should be controlled. They not only curb social interaction and physical activities it also affects the cognitive development of a child. Due to this, parents should ensure that only the positive part of television is experienced.

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