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Biography of George Washington

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George Washington was born in northern Virginia in 1732. He was a soldier and a states man who served as the first US president between 1989 and 1797. He became an officer in Virginia in 1754 where he led a political mission to expel the French from the Valley of Ohio River. In 1780, he led his troops in the battle against the British and with the help of the French army, he was able to defeat the British. In 1783, Washington resigned from the army, to get back to his private life but because of his prestige and support, he became elected as the first US president in 1789. As a president, he took his office with dignity and was unanimously elected for the second term. Washingtons made great decisions in his government, a time when the nation was just starting out. He set a good example through treaties, wars and rebellions, which were best for the country at the time and the future. Although, he had greater achievements in his presidency, he also had some adversities. This paper discusses the achievements and adversities that Gorge Washington had during his early political career and presidency.

Washington was an exceptional political and military leader. During his early military career he lost to the French. Under Forbes he displayed lack of understanding of military tactics and strategy. However, he improved during the Revolutionary war, which had much to do with grasp of politics than strategy. His ultimate actions as the commander of the Continental Army such as keeping his soldiers loyal, ensuring the Congress support the Revolutionary War and amazing the British and the French with firmness of his troops, were fundamentally his greatest political acts. Debatably, his utmost military achievement was his resignation. Although he angered and lost support from most of his allies, as a president, he kept America neutral in war, by supporting government systems of public finance, and in expanding and preserving the new nation.

Washingtons powerful mentality made his term in office so essential and distinct. He vowed to make the new government work at all cost. He was not motivated by selfish agenda or interested in personal gain. He did not consider his presidency as a soapbox for his beliefs and opinions but rather as a pedestal for the constitution. Although most members of his cabinet had contrasting political views, he surrounded himself with the best minds at the time.

During his presidency, Washington succeeded in keeping the US out of War. He stayed neutral in the war between England and France in its seas and soil. He saw the young country as too fragile to enter another war or more hardships. Thus, he saw past the provocations Old World Super Powers to a day when a united and mature America would defy any aggressor across the world. The country needed peace to grow and spread its roots, and making the decision to stay out of war were the best policy moves in the history of the United States.

Although Washingtons presidency had great achievements, there were some adversities. Particularly, he faced a lot of pressure because as a president, he had to make decisions, which would affect the country either positively or negatively. He made some bad decisions that he necessarily never believed in. For example, in 1995, Washington was accused of treason because he approved the Jay Treaty, which tried to normalize the volatile relations with Great Britain. As a result the British pulled off their troops and were compensated for their seized merchant ships and given favored-nation trade status. Consequently, the Congress Party of Thomas Jefferson responded aggressively to the treaty, accusing Washington of treason.

Gorge Washington was truly a states man and indispensable man. He showed his self-control, wisdom, judgment, justice, and courage that became a model of stability and strength for his successors. He is commonly considered the driving force and the father of the country. It is clear that, during his presidency, the country needed a man with wide array of virtues. According to Jefferson, Washingtons friend for many years, Washingtons character was perfect, indifferent, and great. Thus, nature and fortune combined made Washington a great man and put him in the constellation with all worthies giving him an everlasting remembrance. Gorge Washington died on December 14, 1799.

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