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Essay on HRM Models: Growth Over Time

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Sewanee University of the South
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Critical thinking
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The most important quality a human resource professional should possess is receptiveness. A leader who is receptive is capable of learning new ideas and incorporating them into his work (Schmidtke & Cummings 2017, p.670; Dubois 2004, p.36). From the article, Fangio scanned his environment and noticed changes in the blind corner which he used to prevent a repeat of a probable accident that had occurred years back in the same spot (Doll 2017, p.25). As a human resource professional, leaders should be able to observe his environment and learn about different situations (Dugan 2014, p.313). This will enable him or her to make informed and wise decisions regarding different problems he might encounter. Human resource professionals should be able to receive changes in the workplace and society and renew their perspectives to ensure their organizations are relevant (Grugulis 2015, p.192).

There are several steps I have taken for my professional development which include education and mentoring (Creed and Hughes, 2012, p.160). Higher education is essential for career development because it opens up a wide variety of knowledge and skills for one to learn. These skills and expertise assist individuals to work better in their careers and mould them to be better professionals (Dickmann2015, p.2). Education will also deepen an individuals knowledge which will increase their earnings potential. The mentoring class helps in enhancing an individuals experience about the company which is significant for career development and learning about unspoken rules that can be vital to the success of the organization and personal growth (Atkinson and Sandiford, 2015, p.25). Some of the activities include accepting the training opportunities given by the company and learning from them (Lussiser and Hendon 2016, p.55). Having a mentor enables an individual to receive feedback on the weak areas they have which will develop a sharp focus on those areas and aid in growth (Schmidtke and Cummings 2017, p.655).


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