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Negative Impact of Communications Involving Internal Social Networks

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Communications Involving Internal Social Networks or other forms of messaging such as e-mails or twitter that negatively impact an organization all industries.

Companies have over the years successfully used social media technology to reach their potential customers, but there is little exploitation of the use of social media to be used internally by the business. Many companies biggest worries are the employees misusing social media which can be an embarrassing situation and may expose the firm to legal risks. However, research has indicated some employees are noted to behave accordingly as they are aware the board managers are on the ground and in turn they have to conduct themselves cordially.

My research company engages in long, detailed projects embraced the use of social media to address some of the internal concerns as there was realization many of the employees are always only. The purpose of social media (Twitter) to update the employees on the proceedings worked for a while but was later faced with a significant issue.

Two significant issues affected the company, after a company party, some employees went ahead to post some of their pictures on the account without considering their bosses also have the same access to the report. The second issue arose when two of the employees started badmouthing the research director and even in detail began discussing some of the possible outcomes of the ongoing project.

As the CCO of the organization, I addressed the problem by following two simple steps. First I determined the extent of the issues, how much of the information regarding the ongoing project had been shared with the rest of the company employees. With the company whole system intertwined while using the same twitter account, I had to confirm how many people got access to the information after shutting down the twitter account. The culprits were punished as they were suspended from engaging in the company-specific programs.

The second step, I organized for communication training for all the employees. During the practice, the employees were in detail explained on the dangers and implications that may be gotten as a result of sharing ongoing research to other departments. The training also expounded on the importance to maintain respect boundaries between the management and the employees.

The expected results from the simple two action plan to curb the problem entail the employees understanding what information to share on the company social pages. Second expectation is the employees will no longer be stocking all unnecessary details on the company account upon it being reactivated.

Two ethical issues were violated in the company experience. First, the employees shared o much information regarding their private life on the company twitter account. Therefore, this can prove to be a challenge to the employees as it may be challenging to recover their professional image back. Moreover, with this badmouthing the bosses, the culprits of the act may find it very difficult to relate with the same bosses in the future. Keeping information about the company projects confidential was seriously violated. The employees who shared the knowledge of an ongoing research project severely compromised the company was prone to be sued regard violation of keeping classified information. In summary, social forums are significant at the workstation. However, before the company fully embraces them it is critical the employees can understand all the ethical expectations and some of the implications that may be encountered with violation of simple communication rules.


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