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The Process of Hiring in an Organization - Paper Example

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The process of hiring in an organization is made up of several formal procedures that are documented in a letter. After identifying the vacancy an organization, the vacancies are announced, and the applicants are required to apply for the respective position according to the qualifications that they possess. The shortlisted applicants are inverted for an interview, and then the recruiting panel sits to discuss the suitable candidate for the position. During that period, before and after the interviewed candidates are notified about the outcome of the interview, there are at least three common employment messages that follow. They are as follows:

a) Thank-you letter

b) Message of inquiry

c) Letter of acceptance


Thank-you letter

Also known as the letters of gratitude is the letter that is sent within two days after the interview, its purpose is to appreciate the interviewers time and the pleasure to invite you for the interview and also to continue showing the interest in the job. The letter is used by the interviewee to express their appreciation. The letter is composed of a personal letter or a standard business letter, and it does not exceed one page. The thank you letters is typed and can also be handwritten if it is not much formal like to a friend, relative or an acquaintance. In most cases, this kind of letter is written as the formal business letters (Bovee et al., 2016).

Message of inquiry

This kind of letter is sent in two weeks before the interview; once a person has stayed long without receiving any message from the organization pertaining the interview that he or she participated. The letter is meant to inquire about the decision made by the recruiting panel, consequently showing that you had much interest in the position that you had applied. A message of inquiry letter that is written efficiently would show that you did not apply for the position randomly, but you were specific and determined to get it (Bovee et al., 2016).

Letter of acceptance

It is the kind of letter that is written after the interviewed applicant has been notified of being successfully selected for the position that they hde applied, the letter contains the legal agreement of the job offer. The job acceptance letter facilitates the opportunity of demonstrating the professionalism and eliminating any confusion of the specific terms of employment such as the salary, allowances, benefits or the vacation time. Also, the writer of the letter can show their gratitude for being given the opportunity to take a particular position in an organization together with the passion that you have to take over a new role (Bovee et al., 2016).

With the three letters discussed above, the recruiting department will also be able to know the few candidates who are more interested in the job. However, it is not necessary to show desperation on the letter; it is advised that it is essential that the sender of the message to maintain a formal tone while expressing them. The receiver of the letter may choose to either respond to the letters respectively or not, since it is not mandatory to do so.


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BAM 312: Business Communications - California Coast University


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