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Application for the Post of the Insurance Website Manager - CV Example

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Vanderbilt University
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I am writing this letter with the interest of advertisement of the business website marketing manager. It will be in line with my career qualification and area of specialization to be specific. The experience I have had in the field will serve as an added advantage.

Also, I can perform the following tasks; supervise the workers regularly, keep records of the company's progress, go to other successful businesses and copy their merits, adopt a culture of personal interest drive in the industry. With the flexibility I have, the companies operation will be improved by making sure everything is at per.

However, my efforts will be based to improve the working condition for all the workers. Regarding leadership, in my previous working place, I was valued and given a role in training workers as I was more skilled according to the CEO's laws. If guaranteed this job I will be a critical support pillar for the team. Similarly, my efforts will be to create stress and friction free environment for both the executive and juniors.

I would appreciate getting an invitation to be one of your staff members. With the discussed objectives and experience I have, I will exceed the expectations of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. In conclusion, with my creativity, I will innovate new ideas whose primary goal will be for growth. I look forward to your reply and in case of any clarification feel free to contact.


Full names



Street, City, Zip Code




Career Objectives:

To get an opportunity in my specific area of study so that I can practice and acquire field skills, in the long run, expand my knowledge.

To be able to improve the current position which the company is in and bring new ideas.

To do my roles actively in my specific area of specialization where I will apply my knowledge accordingly.

To create a difference to my co-workers which will foster new ideas.

To keep records and arrangements of the related office facilities at all times for easy retrieval.


My main aim is to improve the status of your company and in turn improve the sales. In the long run, this will improve the current company status and the ratings of the company. As an employee, my additional goal will be based on the reasonable relation with my fellow workers to facilitate the progress of the society at large.


Personal Details:

Date of Birth: 29/7/1975

Place of Birth: Texas

Nationality: American

Marital status: Married

Gender: Male

Religion: Christian

Key Skills and Competencies

Good communication skills

Honest worker

Ready to work with no supervision

Flexible anytime

Respect for all the stakeholders

A good timekeeper

Ready for any changes in the company

Open minded



Ready for teamwork

Good dressing code

Personal attributes


Team builder







Education Background

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Alliant International University, 20XX

Diploma in Business administration at Dartmouth, 20XX

Westlake High school, 20XX

Personal Profile

Am determined to impact and leave behind a history of significant improvements in the company. My roles will not just stick to the assigned duties but also flexible to adjust and fill where there is a gap. Similarly, the kind of image I will portray will act as a role model to the people around. I can offer any sort first aid in case of an emergency as per the skills I have.

Personal Interests

Reading novels


Watching movies


Language proficiency

Eloquent in:



Working Experience

From 2001 to 2017

Works in an insurance company where I am involved in:

Supervising the IT workers

Website maintenance

Field marketing administrator


Administer self-development societies.

Online jobs for jobless Americans

Becoming a role model to those after me



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