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History of Emirates Airlines and Interview Reports with Employees

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History of Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airline is an airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Airline is a subsidiary of the Emirates group, which is owned by the government of Dubais Investment Corporation of Dubai. Emirates airline is treated as a separate business entity despite Emirates group being owned by the government. Emirates Airline commenced operations in the year 1985. In 1984, his Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Mr. Flanagan decided to launch an airline with a capital of ten billion dollars. They leased the first jets from Pakistan and had their first launch with two aircrafts, a Boeing 737-300 and an Airbus A300 B4-200. Dubai's royal family backed them, and that is when its service began.

Emirates Airline is the most massive airline in the Middle East, operating over 3600 flights weekly from its hub, which is Dubai International Airport. It works in more than 140 cities in 81 countries across six continents. Emirates Airline is rated worlds fourth-largest airline by revenue passenger- kilometers flown. It is ranked second largest regarding freight tonne kilometers flown. Emirates operate a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing wide-body aircraft. It is one of the few to manage an all-wide-body aircraft fleet. As of November 2017, Emirates is the most massive Airbus A380 operator with 100 planes in service and 42 others in order. Emirates Airline business has expanded to airline IT developer, award-winning cargo division, and leisure division.

A Report on the Interview with Jamal Mohammed Mharmi

Jamal is a first officer at the Emirates Airline. Jamal explained the leading businesses, products, or services associated with the sector as an industry, is the provision of leisure and business flying experiences to the customers in the safest way. He further explained that the aim of the Emirates Airline in the last ten years was to expand the network of destinations around the world, which requires an upscale growth in the fleet and services at the same time. He stated the main change that has occurred to the Airline is the increase in operators to having 100 A380 airbuses in service and 42 more being in order. The 100th Airbus ordered carried a picture of their father and founder of UAE, Shaikh Zayed. They also have 139 Boeing B777 in service and 14 others in order. This expansion has been made from having a few aircrafts to a real fleet. He stated that Emirates has also grown to lead the world airlines to another dimension of competition by creating the best service for their passengers in connecting them to the world from Dubai.

He explained the factors that have led to the expansion and growth of Emirates. He said one leading factor is the location of Dubai as a hub of the world, which connects and provides them all opportunities to new and legacy businesses to be established. Another factor is the great services the passengers enjoy while with Emirates. Another factor he included is the safety the passengers feel flying around with the Airline around the world, as Emirates number one goal is to provide passengers safety at all times by training their crew with high standards of safety. Regarding the career, he explained that with the amount of growth, the Emirates Airline should grow their workforce and build the business with the mixture of experts and young people who come from the Emirates Aviation College and university, full of ambition to create a difference and be the future of their company. He stated that the career opportunities available are extensive such as flight crew, cabin crew, engineer, technician, flight dispatcher, loadmaster, and paramedics. He also stated other opportunities like airport station manager, flight simulator instructor, training instructor in engineering and services, office duty manager, fleet superintendent, fleet management, recruitment, safety, security, medical, and many more. He explained that the qualifications required are different according to the section but stated that flying the plane requires an ATPL license with at least 1500 hours on jet airplanes. His advice to students majoring in tourism is that tourism is all about making peoples experiences in your position unforgettable and branded by looking at it from their position.

Report on the Interview with Ameera Al-AmeriShe is an aircraft asset controller. She has stated the leading businesses, services or services associated with the sector are hotels, car rentals, airport transfer, tour activities, and booking attractions through Hotels must provide accommodation, apartments, and more worldwide booking. She discussed that they deal with more than a million different properties around the world in 229 countries, with a free cancellation on most reservations such as in London, Bangkok, Paris, and others. She said that car rentals deal with the best and public value car hire such as Europe Car, Alamo, and Hertz with best prices, secure online payment, and fulltime customer service for pickup and drop off and have no hidden charges. She explained the duty of airport transfer in allowing safe, reliable, and flexible choices for travelers from car, train, or bus. She further stated how Emirates airlines have collaborated with tours and activities. She explained that Emirates has collaborated with, a top tourist attraction site with tips, city guides, and deals so that customers can take in some of the worlds greatest marvels and activities when booking their flight. She also explained that Emirates has made planning customers trip easy, by choosing over 23,000 things to do so that they can spend more time exploring their destinations. She expounds that services offered in booking attractions through have made tours professional, offer great rates and daily deals, provide excellent customer support, ensure easy online booking, and secure online payments.

Concerning the general development, growth or changes in the Emirates Airlines, she explains that Emirates celebrate the milestone delivery of the 100th Airbus A380, which has a bespoke Year of Zayed, which is livery honoring the late HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of the United Arab Emirates. She explained that 2018 would be celebrated as the Year of Zayed in the UAE, marking 100 years since the birth of the countrys founding father and celebrating his legacy. Another growth she explained is the Expo2020Dubai. Emirates unveiled their first aircraft with a new livery dedicated to it on the theme mobility.' She stated that the Emirates would have three different liveries across forty airplanes to reflect the three themes of Expo2020Dubai, which are opportunity, mobility, and sustainability. She further explained the development of the first aviation x-lab Emirates would build with an aim to develop a sustainable system to push the boundaries of what is possible continually. She explains that Emirates have the largest flying restaurant with a catering investment of US$1billion per year, serving more than one hundred million meals a year, and giving customers a taste of the destination they are headed. She expounds that one of the factors that have led to these developments is the competition between the different airlines within the country to produce new and the best products and services. She states that the qualifications and qualities required for these career opportunities are being well educated, having enough skills and knowledge, and being well behaved.

A report on the Interview with Abdulla Al-Loghani

He is a licensed Aircraft engineer. He expounds on the businesses, products or services associated with the industry. One is tours and activities. On tours, he explained that Emirates has collaborated with a top attractions site with tips, city guides, and deals so that customers can take in some of the worlds greatest marvels and activities like a pro when booking their flight. He explained that there are services available where customers can choose from over 23,000 things to do. He also said that Emirates has made planning customers trip so smooth so that they can spend more time in exploring their destinations. He explained that the services in booking attractions through have made tours have great and daily deals, have local professional guides, provide excellent customer support, ensure online booking, and provide secure online payments.

He explained the development and growth in the sector in the past ten years and that now in 2017, they are proud to be contesting the people across one hundred and twenty destinations compared to the sixty destinations they were serving in the past ten years. He expounded on the factors that have led to those developments and said that Emirates believed in creation and innovation through hard work, which led them to grow and make their business double within a specific period. On the career opportunities, he said that Emirates started with five hundred employees and now they got over sixty thousand employees and are still looking for more brains to join them. On qualifications and skills required, he explained that their group has lawyers, doctors, IT, HR, and others. He stated that they always welcome all type of aspects to grow their group not only the flight and ground support crews. He advised that students who are majoring in tourism should look for new ways to achieve the meaning of tourism and never look inside the box.

A Report on the Interview with Nuha Al Yafei

She is a licensed flight dispatcher. She explained that Emirates combines different businesses associated with tourism, hotel and hospitality, travel and transportation, education, and sports. Regarding growth, development, and changes in the sector, she explained that Emirates is one of the companies that has shown strength in expanding to new horizons, new destinations for travel, and new business and opportunities. She expounded on the factors that have led to the growth and development of the company. She said that human factor is one of the leading contributors towards growth. Employing the right people and training them in the right way has led to the exponential development of the organization. Another factor is daring to go those extra steps in meeting customers needs, which make the consumers come back for more. On career opportunities available, she stated that Emirates has a variety of business and fields where they develop. On qualifications and skills required, she said that every career in Emirates has different requirements thus depends on the job a person is seeking. Her recommendation to students majoring in tourism was that they should keep an open eye on the new things coming up and should always be ready for change, but they should never forget their roots.


According to the four interview reports with the four people working with the Emirates Airline, Emirates is among the top leading airlines in the world. A lot of growth, development, and changes have occurred in the sector such as an increase in the operators to a fleet of 100 Airbus A380 and 139 Boeing B777. They also have 42 airbuses and 14 Boeing in order. They have the most extensive flying restaurant and are to build the worlds first Aviation x-Lab. Emirates have associated with business and services such as hotels, car rentals, airport transfer, tour and activities, and booking attractions through The factors that have led to the growth and expansion of Emirates are the location of Dubai as a hub of the world, great services offered to the customers, and the competition between different airlines making them produce new and best products and services. Other factors are the believe in creation and innovation, and employing the rig...

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