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Employment Duties that Highlight Potential for Research

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Sewanee University of the South
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While working at Ifytex Cafe Center as a personal assistant, my duties involved conserving the executives time by reading, researching and routing correspondence; collecting and analyzing information and initiating telecommunications. This duty put in a position where I was obliged to carry intensive research relevant to the specific areas in question and to use this research to propose changes to the executives. I was careful to ensure that the research I did was backed by evidence and could help the organization achieve its set goals and objectives. While carrying out research, I was faced with the task of separating important from non-important concepts and highlighting specific information that could contribute positively towards the goals of the organization. Through analyzing information, I exhibited the potential of analyzing the different sources of my research to come up with relevant sources. The analysis provided a foundation for me to analyze data and identify the issues or flaws that need to be adjusted.

As such, during my time at John Food Limited, I developed insight on how fascinating it is to work in a production company. I was also exposed to the importance of following risk and health procedures in a working place. Following a thorough research on the impact of risk and health procedures, I was able to identify the health procedures that needed to be considered for the employees of the organization. I also researched what the employees regarded as risky and what could be potentially risky for the employees. This research led to better conditions at work for the employees.

Additionally, I researched the risk factors that were likely to affect the end product. This research was conducted through observation, experiments and one on one interviews with employees. The results of this research provided a basis for improving the food production conditions and the overall working conditions in the company.

As a student representative, which I consider an essential position I ever held, I was able to voice out students complains and need and represent students in meetings. Coming up with students needs and complains was a complicated process that involved conducting surveys through issuing survey sheets and questionnaires to students. This research procedure ensured student anonymity and confidence in writing down their problems without the fear of being victimized. I was able to collect accurate information regarding the needs, complains and expectations of the students. In so doing, I found an effective way to present to the administration the real issues affecting the student fraternity as communicated by the students.

To identify the main issues affecting the student's body, I would group the survey sheets and questionnaires according to the issues addressed to identify the issues that a majority of students had and would have loved to see changed. Additionally, I would look at the most pressing and significant issues that needed an urgent address and separate them from those that needed a long-term solution so that the administration could find it easy to implement changes gradually and in a manner that it could change the student's state of affairs.

In conclusion, my duties in the different positions I have held in college and the various companies I have worked with have been instrumental in preparing me for research. The intensive research that I have carried out in the positions I have held have exposed me to different research methodologies, data analysis and the importance of credibility in research outcomes.

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