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Essay Sample: Benefits of a Sonographer

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In this society, choosing a career in the medical field has always been a hot topic for teenagers, students in general and unemployed people in particular. There are plenty of different opinions about sonography, but a majority of them are positive. A medical professional who works in sonography field, for example, use specialized equipment for diagnosing and treating harm and unharmed medical conditions. This career suits individuals who desire to advance their career because it contains different benefits and attributes that make it one the most fulfilling choice. Additionally, this career is beneficial for a person who has good comprehensive quality. It best suits everyone who intends to climb the higher professional occupations ladder especially women.

A sonographer is a person who has excellent communication skills, able to listen actively, and capable of thinking quickly. Any individual being considered a good communicator is capable of performing this job. The daily task of a sonographer is to communicate with patients. Communication is an essential skill, but it is not easy as it seems unless you have enough confidence. Skilled sonographers know how to pick the right tone and stop at the right time. They do not make the patient overwhelmed by the range of messages they give but rather provide powerful and ingenious information. Moreover, people with confidence tend to be active while listening and during a conversation. They do not lose focus when others are talking. They also focus on understanding what patients are saying, rather than thinking about what they will say next. Besides active listening, they are people with confidence and are responsible for various things. They do not wait for people to point out their mistakes but instead actively acknowledge them. They also do not hide when they make mistakes. They are guided by the fact that good people always say "I'm sorry" or "that's my fault." A person possessing these vital skills can quickly enroll in a sonography career in future and later benefit as a professional sonographer. There are much more other skills that are required in the field of sonography. These include being able to learn to manage ones feeling, avoiding getting overstressed, able to develop the relationship between the specialist and patient, and so on.

A sonographer has a lot of benefits and one most significant disadvantage. According to different medical journals, a significant disadvantage of a sonographer is the fact that musculoskeletal disorders and injuries are quite common in their diagnostic therapeutic. This is because of the repetitive movements like bending over patients and either staying on our feet or sitting down. This ultimately gives them a lot of strain on the back hence increasing the incidence of back problems among sonographers. Conversely, a sonographer has a multitude of advantages over other careers. For example, a sonographer who has a two-year- degree gets paid more than individuals in other professions. After a sonographer gets their degree and a job, they earn enough cash that enables them to pay back the student's loan that they had borrowed. Similarly, a typical sonographer day is more relaxed than for other professions. One more advantage is that sonographer is a good career for women because it offers flexible schedules for them. They usually work from 8 am to 4 pm. So, if a sonographer is a mom, a flexible schedule will be the best benefit for her. She will have more time with her children and her family.

In one of the Gloria Lokos' blog on her website, she wrote that she believes sonographer career can be very beneficial. Gloria is an experienced Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer proficient in both cardiac and vascular ultrasound. She listed many reasons to consider becoming a diagnostic medical sonographer and I picked out two of them. First of all, this field has no limitations because anybody can be a sonographer no matter your gender, race or ethnic background. You are also not limited by lack of growth, lack of available fields to work in nor by the level of your skill. In certain professions, there is always a situation where males despise female counterparts in the workplace or discriminate others based on race, ethnic background. However, these circumstances do not exist in sonographer career thus making it very important. The second reason that Gloria Lokos talked about concerns job safety. A sonographer works with sound waves which is a much faster and safer type of diagnostic imaging than radiographic technology or X-rays. A focus on ergonomic issues and preventative health will keep you safe in sonographer field than other jobs especially since your odds of working in a sanitary environment are high. Almost everyone pursuing careers in the medical field requires areas which provide safe working conditions. In most cases, a doctor might think of the risk of getting a disease from his or her patient while a nurse might get a pharyngitis, nasopharyngitis, viruses, bacteria from a sick patient. Similarly, a sonographer will think of the harm of the ultrasound machine just like x-ray machine which is very harmful. Luckily, the sonographers working environment is much safer than that of radiologists.

In addition to the above two valid reasons, there is still a significant reason why a sonographer benefits a lot than others. Ideally, people tend to get bored with their job within 5 - 10 years. This is because their current jobs make them miserable, depressed, and unhappy. One of the most substantial reasons for quitting their job is because they no longer feel their jobs are enjoyable, pleasurable, or satisfying. After all, they feel they cannot get an opportunity of promotion in their jobs; however, they only ruin their lives with the job because they love them. Unlike other jobs, the sonographer can enable one progress into different careers like becoming a teacher for a health class in high school or a community college instructor. Furthermore, it can allow you climb to higher occupations in the medical field like becoming a medical administration supervisor, MRI technologist, sonography educator or other medical careers.

Nevertheless, this field enables one choose among multiple other different career paths which either moves you up or remain constant in your career. A sonography educator is a great career that best fits a sonographer who wants to climb higher professional occupations. Sonography educator is ideal for those who have attained a masters or doctoral degree in sonography and value for both education and sonography. Additionally, this option is for individuals who no longer want to work in the field, but still want to remain involved in sonography. Since the sonography educators required a master's degree, it means that they are highly knowledgeable of everything in their field area. The sonographer is companionable, highly knowledgeable and enjoys interacting with others on a daily basis. It is, therefore, correct to say that a person who desires to be a sonography educator should first enroll in a sonographer career because it is beneficial.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the sonographer also has a respectable salary. For those who have a two-year-degree, they get paid more than other professions who possess two-year-degree in other fields. A registered nurse receives an annual pay of $55,000 which is very less compared to a sonographer who earns a salary of approximately $10,000. This proves to be a crucial benefit for those who choose to become a sonographer. Moreover, a sonographer will easily repay his or her student's loan right after finishing the degree programme because of the high demand for sonographers. Unlike other careers, many jobs in this field attract enormous salary that enables one recover money quickly.

As can be seen, the research has deeply analyzed the qualities of a sonographer. According to the study, sonographer is the best job for women to pursue or everyone who wants to pursue other careers related to their current field. It fits those with careers affiliated to the diagnostic medical sonography or those concerning the profession of a sonographer. There is nothing more overwhelming that having a dream come true. The passion in combination with the ability, interest, talent, skills and other elements lead the sonographer to a glorious success. This is a beneficial and potential career in the healthcare industry because it offers one many other options in life.

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