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Instructional Styles Used by Regular Classroom Teachers - Paper Example

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Additionally, Mr. OMalley should take advantage of what the children know and look for their interest and curiosity. It serves as an example; if they see him read, they will want to learn to read. He should take into account the rhythm of maturational development of each child, reinforce and applaud their achievements, lean on drawings, and help them in building learning naturally since this promotes the taste and interest in reading, as a fundamental communication tool (Curtin, 2009). Another important technique is finding topics that are of interest to them to read or write about them. When choosing the books for the students to read, Mr. OMalley should take into account the interests of the students and the level of reading they have. It is essential to read about things that they like and that are within the level of English that they have, that is, to test enough to read and write new things but not enough to feel frustrated when they are writing or reading.

For Maria, she should be encouraged to work the sounds of letters, understand the meaning of phrases, search for words with specific sounds, and write sentences with certain words. Beyond the first approach with the target words, the apprentices they must find the vocabulary again on different occasions and contexts, this to fix the new meanings both in the passive memory of vocabulary coma in the memory of active use of it. At this stage, the teacher must develop material that allows the "spaced repetition" of the vocabulary throughout the course (Curtin, 2005b). It is crucial for Mr. OMalley to encourage the two students to have a particular time for reading. Reading for fun can be done anywhere, but reading to improve the understanding of the language will be necessary to do it in a place where one can concentrate, read calmly, without distractions and without being interrupted. It will be essential to read and write for at least thirty minutes per day for the results to be good. The longer Maria and Mikhaih read and write, the more they will improve. He should also encourage the students to ask questions when reading or writing. Reading comprehension becomes more difficult when reading word by word, therefore, to improve understanding it is crucial to develop fluency and read complete sentences. Fluency is the ease with which one can read. When reading, the words should have a certain rhythm and should flow naturally, as when someone is talking (Curtin, 2005a). Improved fluency can be achieved with the choice of more straightforward texts to read. Many times, when fluency improves, it improves reading and speech. Besides, fluency will make reading seem more fun and natural.

There is no logical technique for the teaching of vocabulary or reading and writing. It is necessary that both the teacher and the language students find, through teamwork, the method or combination of techniques that better work for them while taking into account their needs, their interests, their age and their cognitive styles. That is, as a language teacher, Mr. OMalley should know that the representation in plays (kinesthetic approach) sometimes results embarrassing for adult apprentices, while the same technique can result highly benefit the youngest students. However, it is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that he or she works with English language learners in developing their skills.


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