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Interpretive Approach to Education - Paper Example

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Interpretive education is a method of learning which breaks down complex information or knowledge into simpler, more conceivable forms. It is done through exposing the students to objects, landscapes, and sites that enhance the quality of education. One critical aspect of interpretive approach to education is that it does not simply involve presenting information, but a translation of that technical information for learners with different learning difficulties to easily understand and comprehend. For interpretive education to occur, the instructor must deliberately provoke the security of the learners, gain their attention and interest. In order for a teaching process to be considered as being interpretative, it should end up with a demonstration in the form of graphic, photo, or statement which grabs the audiences attention.

Contrary to the structured curriculum which is often theoretical in nature, interpretative approach to learning establishes a framework within which the complicated information is broken down into simpler parts as well as finding a way of relating such knowledge with everyday objects, routine or phenomena. The interpretive process provides opportunities for edification and reflectivity. Through edification and reflectivity, learners get the opportunity of reassessing ones understanding of their conceptions about life as they also interpret that of the others. An interpretive approach to education avoids potential indoctrination of learners with education by enabling them to actively explore and evaluate various propositions and concepts. Interpretive education is essential for micro-level analysis since it enables learners to give meaning to objects, events, and concepts through their daily interactions. The interpretive perspective to education frames learning to be a subject of ongoing interactions within local settings.

Question 2: Concepts Associated With the Interpretive Perspective

The interpretative perspective is a broad paradigm in education that seeks to establish learning as a subject of daily experiences based on different contexts in which the students find themselves. Through this approach, the learners get the chance to express their understanding of different conceptualizations of understanding instead of explanation as a primary way of conducting in-depth research. Some of the concepts of interpretative approach include phenomenology, symbolic interactionism and relativist ontology.

Phenomenology draws from the word phenomena which is a set of occurrences in the contemporary as well as past societies. It is a philosophical concept that focuses on developing an understanding of the world by establishing a direct experience between people and the actual phenomena. On the other hand, symbolic interactionism is an intricate aspect of interpretive approach that accepts symbols as being products of social objects with shared meanings. Symbolic interactionism is of great significance in learning since it uses symbols as a means of constructing reality instead of indoctrinating the leaners with theoretical concepts.

One aspect of interpretive approach that was troublesome to me is relativist ontology. This concept perceives reality inter-subjectively. It advances the notion that facts should be derived from the meanings and understandings of the social and experiential levels. However, I feel that whereas the social and experimental approaches provide a way on which reality is based, they cannot be relied on as a casting stone towards reality. In actual sense, for the truth or reality about a particular academic aspect is drawn from multiple trials and implementations. If relativist ontology was to be applied without due consideration, its subjective nature would likely allow a lot of room for bias

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