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MBA Admission Letter Example

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Carnegie Mellon University
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Personal statement
This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

From my research, I came to a conclusion that your university is the best choice to advance my studies in business. a MBA from your university will be the best compared to other universities who offer the same course. Your institution offers a good learning environment. your research works and how you interrelate with other organizations will be beneficial to me.

During my digging, I have found that these institutions which your university is in contact with let the students have the opportunity of conducting researches with practical situations that affect the everyday life of a business. also, an MBA from your institution will be of very high value in that, the major industry players in the business sector already identify with the university.

To achieve your goals in life, you will need to go through various processes that have been put in place by the society. This stage that I am now undertaking will be determining how successful I have been, so far in this journey. in selecting where to pursue my studies, is definitely part of that process.

During my childhood days, I cannot lie I was fascinated with knowing about past events and learning about them. After leaving school my interest shift to business management. It is my understanding that the two disciplines are somehow intertwined. In business management, the history of something is of importance in that it will help you in making a sound judgment when it comes to decision making.

After completing school, I went for A levels then after which I completed my degree. Throughout my life, i have been able to gain listening and communication skills. Also as a student, I was able to get part time employment. It has helped me in gaining important work skills and experience.

The skills that I have gained is team work which is core to my areas of work. I also learnt good customer service and working under pressure. From the experience gained from my employment, I have seen how the concept of management in much broader and practical perspective. This here shows how important our classwork is. In an organization its valuable to know the roles of each individual, the objective of the organization and how effective implantation will lead to attai9ng your objectives. A manger should be able to be understanding in relating with other persons in the organization

This MBA will enable me grasp the concept of management more effectively. It will also be of much importance in the sense that it will add to the knowledge I already have on it. By so doing this will elevate me to be a good manager in future and deal with people in the most deserving way.

Its important to be a member of a club or a society in your life in university. The debating club was my forte. I was a member in the student union and also had membership in the gym club. This in turn has helped gain experience from all aspects of life in the university. In the debating club, it helped me be able to talk to other students and get their opinions on different issues.

In conclusion, these skills I have developed and all the networking and opportunities that I have been able to get are of immense value. Please consider me for your MBA and I will in turn be committed 100%.


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