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Essay on Significance of Preschool Education

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Preschool experience is a significant academic level that should not be overlooked at any time. Research has shown that children who undergo childhood education make progress in almost all aspects all aspects of life than those who dont. The core skills that children need to gain at preschool are mainly reading and mathematics skills (Bakken et al., 2017).

High quality early learning program equips children with both social and academic skills that prove pivotal in their academic journey and life in general. Previous studies have confirmed that there is a big difference regarding performance in both reading and math work for preschool children and others, an implication of preschool strong impact (Bakken et al., 2017).

It is significant to note that children who go through early childhood program develop good social skills which expand as the children continue to grow. Children who had early learning intervention become exponentially adept in their social skills in a way that by the time they get into their elementary study years, they can respond to stimuli more maturely compared to their counterparts who didn't go through preschool (Flook et al., 2015). They have worldly social skills with a conspicuous appropriate behaviors and good social interaction.

The fact that preschool children have a good attendance performance as they age in school lends support to the fact that they exhibit mature responsibility for their behavior (Bakken et al., 2017). Preschool program equips children with important vocabulary skills. According to Chicago program evaluation project, more than 86% of preschool children have a better performance in English vocabulary irrespective of their native language (Ross et al. 2008)

Ross et al. posit that children who undergo preschool education program have a high level of persistence in their academic as well as social life. This is linked with professional teaching by the early childhood teachers who are mostly ladies. A classical blend of fun and academics in preschool programs make it very easy to learn from the children. For instance, a funny looking card and stick will be used to teach mathematical skills in preschool. This idea keeps the kids attentive through the lesson and entertainment simultaneously.

According to Craig; the principal researcher in the Abecedarian project, early childhood education has a positive impact on individual's health and economic status. He argues that people who had undergone the early education process registered few cases of diseases and majority of them secured good jobs with government thus saving the society from dependency CITATION Ram17 \l 1033 (Ramey, 2017). Preschool programs help children be able to overcome poverty in their life,

The fact that people who undergo preschool education exhibit low cases of hypertension as compared to the other individuals in control group are in addition to the notion that early education is crucial to children CITATION Ram17 \l 1033 (Ramey, 2017). This is because health is the bedrock of everything in life as it helps an individual accomplish other things comfortably.

People who have been through preschool education exhibit less criminal cases as compared to their counterparts who have not. Additionally, early education intervention helped people proceed with education to higher levels with a completion rate of more than 80% (Perry et al., 2017). It is interesting to note that females who go through early childhood education record few cases of early pregnancies or early marriage. In fact, in case a lady gets themselves in early pregnancies, they continue with their education after their children reach four years (Ross et al., 2009). In conclusion, the benefits of early childhood education cannot be undermined in the contemporary world. Children who undergo these programs have been able to cope with modern day life challenges as it helps them grow upright economically, socially and even health wise.


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