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Recommendation for Admission - Paper Example

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Harvey Mudd College
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Application letter
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When he finally enrolled in his fifth grade, he was disappointed because taekwondo was not what he had earlier thought it was. He thought that taekwondo was just about fighting people. He was uncomfortable in the beginning but eventually took time to learn the discipline of this old martial art. He showed attention to detail and was also able and willing to learn. He has come to learn that taekwondo is not about fighting and harming people but rather defense and discipline. Back at the Humble Dojo at the Wood Side, he was a cooperative student. He always felt the need to help and care for the younger students. He is caring in nature, and his kind personality allowed him to work excellently with other members of the team, and he always treated other team members like his own family.

There are many misconceptions associated with taekwondo. The misconceptions create fear among those willing to join the sport. Through his guidance, 10-year-olds willing to join taekwondo were able to join taekwondo were able to join free from any perceived misconceptions. His love, passion, and achievements for taekwondo give him the motivation to encourage even the young ones wishing to join taekwondo. Learning taekwondo has enhanced his self-confidence and has also made him a better leader. He finally acquired his black belt. To him, this is not just an ordinary belt; this belt represents all the discipline and hard work and the dedication that he has put in his training to be who he is today. These strong values I believe will make a notable influence in the world around him at the college. I am certain that he will continue with the good work that he does for the people around him in college and even beyond. This is in combination with the excellent results that he will produce at the college.

I strongly recommend _____ for admission at your college because he has demonstrated extra effort and the desire to learn. He has also exhibited significant excellence in everything he put his mind to and that is why I am fully convinced that he deserves placement at your college. Success brings a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. I am convinced that he will carry the success of taekwondo to your college and achieve even more given half a chance. The college management and other students will have a lot to reap from his efforts, commitment, and dedication. I strongly believe that he will continue with the same undying spirit, dedication, and perseverance that he has continuously demonstrated during his taekwondo training. His desire to help others, self-drive, and the will to further his education only shows that his will to grow cannot be limited and he will, without any doubt, achieve more at your college and beyond.


Jung K. Park

Grand Master


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