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Education Essay Sample: Digital Delivery Trend in Learning

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Digital delivery is a special trend that impacts the future success of learners or students at a great deal (Zoref, 2015). Currently, students and teachers do not only use books as a source of information but have the opportunity to extract information from online platforms. They are able to get reliable and up-to-date information online without going through numerous books. With the advancement of technology, several sites have been created online such as shmoop where the students get information related to what they can get from their teachers. Teachers also have online sites which they can use to get teaching materials necessary for their work. From sites such Googles Education apps and sources, teachers can teach different students online without physically going to class. These sites help teachers get good teaching tools like SketchUp design software and Google Earth. These teaching tools can only be accessed online thus assisting teachers to offer their services while at home.

Students and teachers can also use Khan Academy which helps students to learn online without the assistance of the teacher. This site has different YouTube videos that offer teaching service to students online. There is also Teacher Tubes collection of contents which has several books converted into You Tube videos where teachers and students get educational materials to use without buying books and other learning materials such as revision materials (Zoref, 2015). These sites have great an impact on the success of students. They allow students to access learning materials at a cheaper cost. This increases the quality of education thus increasing the success of students. With digital delivery, students can take their studies while at home and teachers can also offer teaching services at home but learning still continues. This increase the quality of education as students has all the necessary learning materials to boost their academic performance.

There are few factors that may cause ambiguity of difficulty in the ability to succeed and this includes social factors. Digital delivery discourages cultural diversity because it does not allow children or students from different regions to interact. This affects social life of different students because they may face some difficulties in relating to other students with different cultural backgrounds. The poor interaction may make students not to succeed in some of their activities. Although the students may be efficient in the use of computers and have the more academic knowledge, they may not be able to share them with others because they have poor interaction (Igo, 2008). The Economic factor is can also cause ambiguity or difficulties in the ability to succeed. The student may be willing to learn online using the sites provided above but because of lack of sufficient finance, they may end up using books instead of learning online. These make the students from poor backgrounds perform poorly as compared to those from rich families. These students cannot access important learning materials online found in digital delivery sites thus making them have difficulties in succeeding in their academic performance. In the contrary, students from rich families can easily access these sites because they can afford computers with strong internet connection.

To continue learning about the trend, I will ensure that I use the same sites to get some information for personal use (Zoref, 2015). I will do personal research online on current trend that has entered the market and through this I will be updated on current trends launched in the world of technology. There are other trends which I found interesting include networking, social and digital media. These trends are of great importance because they impact the success of everybodys life.



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Igo, S. (2008). The Average American: Surveys, citizens and the Making of a Mass Public. Journal of social Science Reseach, 408


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