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Answering Reflective Essay: Creative Writing Workshop

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Wesleyan University
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During the creative writing workshop, I discovered my path as a writer. I felt a very strong sensation because I knew I would be the best writer. It was a moment to review my writing skills and learn different ways to improve as a writer. Being a good writer require practices and passion. For a long time, I have had a desire to improve my writing skills. Therefore, the writing workshop center provided an opportunity to explore different skills to improve my writing tactics.

The first lesson I learned from the workshop was my writing strengths. The writing workshop provided an avenue to interact with peers and to share ideas regarding writing. Besides, the peers were helpful during the workshop center because they told me all I was doing right and those that I was doing wrong. I appreciate the criticism from friends because they served to reassure me regarding my ability to write. I learn the importance of self-understanding. It is imperative for a writer to build a solid foundation on the writing skill. Understanding your past as a writer helps in strategizing for improvements in the future. The colleagues in the writing workshops taught me how to take critiques positively. Criticism in the workshop is not friendly but rough sometimes. However, with the help of friends, I learn to perceive the criticism positively because they help to shape my writing techniques.

I learned to accept my weaknesses as a writer. You could be a good writer but there are things you will need to improve. For example, during the workshop, I learned that other friends are better writers than I do. After a careful observation of the writing tactics of friends, I learned that I need to work on some minor mistakes to polish my writing skills. There some of the friends who made suggestions that I needed to work on my grammar. Their referrals to grammar books were important because I realized I was making some mistakes that need reading and making corrections.

After the workshop, I knew I needed to learn better ways to approach creative writing. There are new skills I needed to incorporate into my writing. The new skills I learned include using a variety of sentence constructions to make the work interesting. I learned the need to use idioms, using hooks and variety of phrases to make my essay interesting. I realized the importance of practice in writing. The new skills I learned in the workshop needed more practice to ensure that I understand their usages.

I did not know the importance of a mentor before I attended the workshop. The instructors in the workshop were individuals with great knowledge of writing. Some of the instructors were editors, authors of books and publishers. After the workshop, I considered looking for a mentor to help me overcome some writing mistakes that undermined my performance as a writer. I learned that getting experience was one way to become a good writer. For example, I learned that I needed to read widely to understanding many vocabularies and better approaches for creative writing. I learned that is imperative to engage the minds in variety of issues to boost my creativity.


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