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Paper Example on Google University

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The demand for higher education in the world is very high. All the states within USA and developing countries in Africa and Asia will find this idea beneficial. Therefore, creating a university with the capability and standard that can close this gap would be a great idea. Thus, Google should utilize this view and close the market gap. The university will be not only a profit-making entity but also serve the needs of the current society. Therefore, Google University would aim at a quality education that meets the current demands in the labor market at affordable costs.

The survey I have conducted is very crucial for the Google Company when implementing the idea. It has involved a million responses within all the states of the USA. All the reactions have agreed that there is a need to close the gap through providing the affordable institution to both middle and low-income earners. Also, some of the courses offered in the universities do not conform to the current market demand. There is the need for an institution which will focus more on technical and technological courses. Therefore, the mission of the Google University would be to close this gap at affordable costs.

The approximate cost of putting up the Google University well includes in the report. Therefore that company clear rough budgets which focus on the market prices of construction and purchase of materials and equipment to use in the institution. Also, the report is essential in that it estimates the target population using first-hand information from the respondents. That, therefore, means that the data is reliable. Also, it includes various ways to market the University, expected revenues annually and in the next five years. Therefore, the report will serve as crucial tool for the organization when implementing the idea of starting the university


The Google University should expand its services globally by introducing a university of their own. In fact, the demand for higher education has been growing tremendously over the years. The population increase in various parts of the world is very high. At the same time, the economy is growing at an alarming rate, earning more skilled labor is demanded in various firms. Also, qualified individuals can even start up their businesses by utilizing multiple skills and talents they acquire in schools. Google Company ought to close this gap by starting a university which would nurture these talents, ideas, and skills to develop them into business ideas. Also, the institution should ensure every course they offer is affordable to both low and middle-income earners. By doing so, the organization will attract students from various economic backgrounds, with varying talents. Therefore, the research paper focuses on the need to put up Google University, the cost involved, the expected enrollments and returns that this university would generate to the company. It also recommends the company on the activities to undertake to meet its objectives. The research covers all the 53 states of the USA.

Survey, Research and Survey Results

The survey and research involved the use of soft and hard copy questionnaires, face to face conversations as well as careful observations. During the investigation, the interactions with several students and parents gave an evident satisfying as to why the Google Company should start their own university. Out of one million responses, from the 53 states, majority are supportive to creation of a Google university (90%). From the findings, it is evident that the majority of the youth depends on Education for a better living. Therefore, there is a high demand for tertiary education in the community.

The transition rate from secondary to university is very high and quite demanding. Besides, the number of colleges within the locality is few when compared to many qualified secondary school leavers. Surprisingly, the few that exist are costly, and hence majority of the students are unable to afford ("The Real Price of College", 2018). More so, they are corrupt when it comes to placements of students in different courses. Individuals argue that only those from high-class families can register for certain degree courses. Those from humble families are admitted for wrong faculties irrespective of their excellent grades from secondary schools.

On the other hand, some of the universities offer courses that are irrelevant to the future of the learners. Some of them fail to address the issue of job markets in the society. For instance, several students are straining to meet their basic needs after they graduate from such institutions. Some of the existing universities have no links with fields where students are expecting jobs after completing their studies. According to the research, some of the current colleges are greedy and they are after making profits from students. More so, they have insufficient resources to cater for increasing enrollments. However, the aim of our new university (Google University) is to offer a bright future to all graduates irrespective of age, race, gender, and family background. The current situation of the Google Company is a supportive factor towards the realization of its dream of setting up an institution.

Expected Costs of Setting up the InstitutionResource Average per month Average per annum

Buildings & constructions $ 8333.33 $ 100,000

Stationery $ 5,000 $ 60,000

Transport $ 750 $ 9,000

Electricity/water $ 416.67 $ 5,000

Internet & computers $ 833.33 $ 10,000

Furniture $ 375 $ 4,500

Insurance $ 1250 $ 15,000

Security $ 250 $ 3,000

Staff $ 1666.67 $ 20,000

Accommodation $ 4166.67 $ 50,000

Students services $ 833.33 $ 10,000

Courses and programs $ 5833.33 $ 70,000

Scholarships and students aid $ 2083.33 $ 25,000

Meals $ 500 $ 6,000

Activities $ 166.67 $ 2,000

Miscellaneous $ 208.33 $ 2,500

Total amount $ 32666.67 $ 392,000

Research Analysis

The analysis shows that buildings and constructions are likely to incur significant amounts of, approximately 25.51% of the total cost per annum compared to other university resources. However, the expense is realistic since for any institution, buildings and constructions take the highest priority. Therefore, Google Company is subject to such costs. On the other hand, miscellaneous and other activities will require fewer amounts of about 0.64% and 0.51% of the total cost per annum respectively. For the university to run smoothly, it should focus more on the number of students to enroll in every year ("Average Published Undergraduate Charges by Sector and by Carnegie Classification, 2017-18 - Trends in Higher Education - The College Board", 2018).

The finding shows that the university average enrollment target per annum is about 1500 students. Therefore, the average expenditure for each student per annum is around $ 2620. However, the total spending per head does not include the tuition fees. The research demands that each student is responsible for paying about $3500 per annum. However, the institution will offer few scholarship benefits to students with financial challenges. Running a program or course in the university is costly ("The Real Price of College", 2018). However, from the data above, the rough estimate is about 17.85% p.a. External research asserts that it is challenging to estimate the cost of each degree since the real data is unavailable at national levels. Other areas that demand costs include faculty transfers and readmissions within the university.

Expected Revenues

The Google Company expects short terms and long terms revenues from its performance. The total expenditure for the Google University for every year is approximately $ 392,000. The total contributions from all the students are roughly $ 525,000. The profit on target is about $ 133,000 per annum. The figure shows a significant realization of the companys aim and objective regarding revenues. When all factors are constant, the company expects to make a profit of about $ 665,000 after five years. Considering that the company will continue running the institution, it is clear that the long-term gain will be more and hence the university will continue to thrive day in day out.

How to Market the University Services

I will start by creating good relationships with the entire community. As a result, I will be able to identify the society demand in terms of education gap. In the process, I will identify the ideal customers and learn about their desires from my services. I will also print several papers containing the details of the universities and include all its missions. After publishing, I distribute them to local and international places. In case the books are ineffective, I will use internet services observing that the current world is advancing more in technology affairs. Also, start demanding referrals from the clients. These offer a more relaxed way of reaching ideal customers (Berman, 2011).


Firstly, all students will have easy access to the university resources and hence improve their lives in future. There will be minimal cases of student missing opportunities to study their careers. Secondly, it creates a foundation for the local economic growth rate. For instance, after forming the university, there should be the availability of improved services and resources. All those resources will serve not only to benefit the institution but also the locals. Again, the university will increase levels of creativities and innovations among the students. Also, the college will create international relationships that finally help the lives of the citizens. More so, the company is likely to benefit financially. However, the benefits will depend on its working standards.


Some of the students in universities are undisciplined. Some make unnecessary noises at night when drunk. They cause troubles and commotions unreasonably. These evil practices annoy the entire surrounding. There is a likelihood of the society to copy such behaviors unknowingly. On the other hand, the company may face a great loss if it fails to meet the standards as per the demand of the government. As a result, the government may intend to shut it completely.

Summary and Conclusion

According to the research conducted in the last two weeks of January, Setting up a University is one of the best choices that Google Corporation should consider. The study utilized the questionnaires, face to face among other methods of data collection. The data were then analyzed regarding percentages for reporting purpose. The total estimated cost of setting up the institution amounted to $392,000.The institution target enrollment of up approximate 1500 students annually. More so, the school targets approximately $133,000 during the first one year of operation. The institution will apply various techniques to market for its services. These methods include advertising in social media, recommendations, mobilizing the target customers, books, and publications among other available means. The idea of starting up this institution is advantageous in that students will learn various skills which they will apply to earn a living in futu...

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