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Essay for Admission: Engineering

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One of my greatest achievements is completing my undergraduate studies regardless of the pressures that I faced during the program. Engineering is viewed as a complex and technical course for most people and that only a few people have the have the potential to specialize in the field. For me, I view it as manageable especially since I enjoy working with machines and playing with numbers. During rare occasions, did I find myself struggling with a concept or an idea unless I was preoccupied with an urgent issue? I enjoy engineering and aspire to be among the influential engineers from a global perspective. Receiving an SI Scholarship Sweden would be a great honor as it would provide me with a chance to add more skills and knowledge to my scope of practice.

My home country is Ethiopia where I have grown up and did all my studies. I want to be software engineer for distributed systems. The scholarship is important because first I want to be highly skilled software engineer Secondly, work on projects that involve supporting sustainable development in my country.

The ninth SDG goal highlights the fact that investments regarding infrastructure that include irrigation, transport, information and communication, technology and energy are important when it comes to attaining sustainable development in addition to empowering societies in most countries. The associated view is that developments in areas such as income, productivity, education, and health require substantive investments in the above-mentioned infrastructures. The goal also includes the view that sustainable and inclusive form of industrial expansion is the basic source of income generating activities. The industrial expansion also enables a rapid and sustained increase in peoples living standards regardless of the class and makes available the technological solutions regarding safe and environmental friendly industrialization. The SDG goal also highlights the view that technological advancement provides a foundation for the efforts necessary for achieving the associated environmental goals such as energy-efficiency and sufficient resources. The associated view is that the absence of innovation and technology is a limitation to industrialization in which the absence of industrialization implies lack of development or progress.

From an individual perspective, the engineering field revolves around progress and the development of infrastructure. It focuses on putting up sustainable structures that promote improved lifestyles in addition to making life easier. I believe that the goal correlates with my professional goal of contributing to the society in terms of taking part in projects that focus on sustainable development. I align with the view that the absence of innovation and technology is a limitation to industrialization in which the absence of industrialization implies lack of development or progress. Engineering is all about innovation and developing new ideas that not only focus on the current situation but also future goals. It can be viewed that the career is one of the contributing factors on industrialization progress and hence highly relevant to associated the goal with my professional field of interest.

How the masters programme will contribute to my ability in addressing the SDG

Engineering plays a very important role in the achievement of SDGs. Sustainable development goals were developed to ensure that the millennium development goals are achieved in each country. These goals address numerous issues ranging from economic issues and environmental and social issues. They aim at reducing poverty through the creation of employment. Engineering will play an essential role in the achievement of these goals. This will be done through the development of technologies that are environmentally friendly.

Greener energy is one of the goals of SDGs. With engineering, we have the ability to create concrete technologies that will produce clean energy that will reduce and control pollution. End-to-pipe technology can be put to an end through the development of clean technologies. This will affect the production process, the process of input and how the products are being processed. Through good technologies, there is the extraction of toxic materials and waste from normal processes.

This is quite important as everything we use depends on the environment we live in. Through a sustainable environment, humans are able to live both nature and human existence and harmony in productivity. This also ensures maintenance of social and economic requirements. Engineering will help the few resources that are available not to be depleted through ensuring sustainable of resources for future generations.

Engineering is a very vital field of society. It is associated with creation and designed aimed to improve the lives of people. Engineering is linked with the development of innovations and technologies capable of solving the problems of the world. Technology is a gift to humanity that has allowed people to survive and lead comfortable lives. It is responsible for the development of new treatments that cure diseases that once wiped out entire populations. It has also enhanced transport and communication which has led to the development of the world as a global village. Engineers play a critical role in developing mechanisms for a better future. Software engineering has emerged as a field of development that is associated with the development of systems used by different computer systems. Software engineering has seen major changes and fast advancement in technology. It is responsible for the development of smart devices that are a major characteristic of the world of today. It has led to the development of new industries offering more employment opportunities and other factors of the improvement of human lives. Engineering is a field characterized by the need for creativity because of the need to develop new methods of solving problems. The world is a field with any problems. One major issue is associated with the need to increase efficiency in how systems operate. Global warming, climate change, and pollution are factors associated with problems of wastage and use of inefficient systems. Engineers are expected to think and innovative methods that are capable of enhancing current systems or develop new systems that focus on efficiency. The world is leading towards full automation of systems and increased connectedness of devices.

The internet of things is a technology that reflects the future of communication and devices. It is reflective of the nature of the blended world we live in today. People are split between the physical and virtual world created by the high level of connection between devices. The future is set at a place when connectedness is highly advanced. Engineers are expected to develop technologies that promote efficient management of systems with the aim of conservation of natural systems and protection of ecosystems. Technology is expected to offer everyone in the world a piece of wealth. The contribution engineers make is very beneficial to humankind. They are responsible for practices that are expected to improve the lives of people all around the world. They are responsible for the development of cheap and accessible forms of energy. They are also responsible for the development of effective systems that can easily allow people to efficiently manage their resources with the aim of protecting their environment. Computer and software systems are responsible for the establishment of an effective system to be used for managing people and resources. Production process which is a major factor in the industrial and commercial world of today is responsible for the exploitation of resources for the needs of sustaining human life. However, it is the role of engineers to ensure that there are systems in place to ensure that the effects of destruction and damage production processes have on the environment are minimized. They are expected to develop innovations that will ensure that there is a high level of efficiency and safety.

There are various important factors that engineers are expected to focus on. They include cleanliness, connection, sustainability, and safety. These are factors that can only be achieved by the implementation of effective structures to protect the environment and improve the quality of habitats where humans and other organizations live in. Engineers are, therefore, expected to plan for growth that is continuous but one that is sustainable. Through a sustainable environment, humans are able to live both nature and human existence and harmony in productivity. This also ensures maintenance of social and economic requirements. Engineering will help the few resources that are available not to be depleted through ensuring sustainable of resources for future generationsAs an engineer, I have expectations of growing and developing knowledge of anthropogenic factors how best to improve human life. One major factor is associated with sustainability. I expect to develop innovations and technologies that ensure that the use of resources and energy is sustainable. We live in a period where the destruction of the earth is in levels of no recovery. Some of the negative implications that industrialization has caused cannot be reversed. There is a high need for accountability and responsibility of how resources and energy are used. Engineering is, therefore, a fled that is expected to develop systems that will help people have a better position in the management of their resources ensuring that there is no wastage, pollution o inefficiency. Technology is the only solutions to most of the problems of the world of today and engineers are the people responsible for the development of new technologies. They are the people equipped with the skills for designing and developing innovations to make work easier but also more efficiently. I feel obligated as a student of engineering to take it upon myself to ensure that my practices and activities are in line with aspects of safety, cleanliness, and sustainability. Connection and globalization are two major aspects of the future trend of the world of today. They are features that have led to faster progress in development and innovation. However, engineers have to make sure that such progress is in line with factors of sustainability. It is the time to develop a system that can help reverse the problems of climate change and pollution before the earth becomes inhabitable.

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