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Qatar World Cup and Luminaris Films - Movie Review Example

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Movie review
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The short film about Qatar is intended to enlighten FIFA to change the venue of the 2022 World Cup. ESPN conducted an investigation in the labor market of this country and found shocking statistics. The film comes at a time when the world at large has dealt with the issue of labor rights. Qatar is a well-developed country and this can be evidenced by the fact that it was allowed to hold the FIFA World Cup in 2022, and as such labor rights should not be an issue that can hinder such an occurrence. The investigation conducted has determined that migrant laborers have faced the worst working conditions in Qatar. Generally, this can be regarded as slavery in a world that is fully independent. The condition has worsened with the fact that FIFA requires world-class facilities to host this tournament. Most of the laborers have been determined to be migrants.

The film indicates that Qatar imports laborers from poor countries such as India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. They do this to obtain cheap labor. This is against labor laws as laid down the International Labor Organization (ILO), a branch of the United Nations. Besides being paid cheaply, the laborers also work under poor conditions. The film shows that over 180 laborers from Nepal have died as a result of these poor working conditions. This is also an obvious evidence of illegal acts that are not allowed by the ILO. It also indicates that Qatar has no proper labor laws, and if it does, then they are not followed properly. It is estimated that more laborers will die in the coming future if proper measures are not taken. Qatar should therefore protect labor rights or pull out from hosting the tournament.

Luminaris Film

The film is about how employees relate in an organization. The two main characters in the film seem to work together while in real sense each of them has a personal goal that they wish to achieve. One thing that comes out of this film is that without collaboration, both the employees and the organization can lose. When the first employee is caught stealing from the organization, he is fired from his job and he fails to achieve his personal goals. On the other hand, the second employee was stealing from the organization but was not found as she did it in secret. From this section, it is true that trust must exist in the organization for employees to work together. The first employee seemed to trust the second employee and as such was stealing while she was watching. The second employees did not trust the first employee and as such did not steal on her watch.

The fact that the employees had worked together for long without telling on one another is an indicator of collaboration. This collaboration is shown at the end the film. When the first employee is fired from his job, he is left stranded and does not know what to do to achieve his goals. The second employee comes to his rescue. They realize that they both had the same vision but did not care to share. When they come together, they share resources and ideas and achieve the goals that they had all been longing for. Therefore, it is important for employees to recognize their efforts by sharing ideas and putting them into practice. The organization should ensure that it supports these employees so that their ideas can contribute to the positive growth of the organization. For an organization to achieve its objectives there must be employees that are willing to work and for employees to achieve personal objectives, they must trust each other.




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