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Analysis of Two Articles on Healthcare Careers

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This article compares and contrasts two journals about our topic. Our costly addiction to healthcare jobs' talks about health care workers in the United States, how it has grown over the years, its contribution to the economy and how the healthcare sector powers the economy (Terhune, 2017). The second article Career opportunities in global health: Current employment landscape' looks at the job market in the health sector and seeks to establish whether there is a balance between job openings and job aspirants (Eichbaum et al., 2015). To compare these two sources, I am going to use the alternating, integrated or point by point comparison. The former article is popular while the latter is scholarly.

For the popular article, the audience is general while the scholarly article targets audience actively involved and with keen interests in the sector since the former material is shallow with fewer details whereas the latter is in depth. The popular article aims at entertaining its audience while at the same time promoting the writer's opinion. The scholarly item views its relationship with the audience as professional, and it aims at giving insights and candid information about careers in the health sector through well carried out research. The writings in the popular journals are read by a general audience who want to have an insight of the topic under discussion and they mostly published in local dailies (Terhune, 2017). Scholarly work like the one in question attracts scholars in the field on persons researching careers in the health sector. It is accessible from academic libraries and publisher sites. In both articles, the audience appears to be educated, knowledgeable people.

In the popular article, Chad Terhune bases his claims purely on his opinion current social issues and views of other stakeholders in the economy. It's more of a report, e.g., "The coding profession is a great opportunity for individuals seeking their first job, and it's attractive to a lot of medical professionals burned out on patient care," said Raemarie Jimenez, a vice president at the medical coding group. The scholarly article is purely based on research. Chad quotes Katherine Baicker an economist, among other, opinionates to back up his opinion, who says that growth in the healthcare needs to trimming since there is no compatibility between goals of increasing jobs in healthcare and keeping healthcare affordable (Terhune, 2017). There is no research conducted at all. The J Globe Health article bases its work on earlier unpublished research and new developments in the field. The research team consisted of five doctors, one specializing in psychology and the others in public health. The research conducted between November 2013 and January 2014.The research involved use of online sources and Google search engine gave evidence of the terms "Global Health work," "Global Health Job opportunities," "Global Health Hiring" as being used in 2013 (Eichbaum et al., 2015).

The language in the popular article is in continuous prose relatively formal characterized by short standard sentences and the language used is simple and easy to understand. Chad aimed at writing a short article, straightforward to the point (Terhune, 2017). On the other hand, the scholarly article is long and detailed, a bit complex language, relatively longer sentences, and the writing is highly formal. It contains pictures, figures and percentages, and graphs aimed at giving a clear view of the job market in the health sector (Eichbaum, 2017). Both articles contain no Jargon or any stated important terms.

In conclusion, it is evident that both journals seek to answer the question of jobs in the health sector. Their target audience is different, and they aim at achieving various objectives. The popular weekly is relatively shallow and based on opinion whereas the scholarly journal is detailed, takes time and lots of research to come up with.



Eichbaum, Q., Hoverman, A., Cherniak, W., Evert, J., Nezami, E., & Hall, T. (January 01, 2015). Career opportunities in global health: A snapshot of the current employment landscape. Annuals of Global Health, 81, 1, 233-234.

Terhune, C. (April 22, 2017). Our costly addiction to healthcare jobs:, New York Times.


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