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Self-assessment of Human Service Profesional

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George Washington University
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I have enjoyed working as a human service professional for the past five years, and I desire to continue to grow into my career. Without growth, a job cannot advance. I have come to understand the discipline of human service as one that aims at helping individuals, communities and groups that are underserved. Together with my team, we have worked hard to ensure that provide our client with fundamental human rights including food, shelter and clothing. I have always believed in our primary goal, which is the empowerment of those we offer services for them to live complete and independent lives. As a human service professional, I am driven by the desire of succeeding in helping organisations and people function at their maximum potential. Ideally, as a professional, I must have a wide range of skills and knowledge to help me in understanding people individually and in groups. Accordingly, I am knowledgeable in different factors that influence peoples' behaviour. Additionally, I have familiarity with the development of people, impact of society and culture on behaviour and how economic structures influence behaviour. So far into my career, I have managed to fill a variety of roles that are useful in the creation of maximum success. I have understood the importance of competency for a human service professional in different fields. These fields include but are not limited to knowing organisations and human systems, and conducive conditions for human functioning. Furthermore, I have shown competency in the identification of intervention types that are available and can be used in the realization of highest human operation. For continuity of growth into my career, there is further need for having a strategy for implementation and evaluating how effective these interventions are.

I have many strengths that for a long time, has enabled me to exhibit professionalism in my career. I have also been lucky to oversee the performance of many activities that are different in their settings, organisation and execution of policies initiated by and for the public. Regardless of the profession that one is in, it is important to have expertise in one's trade. The realisation of success requires the possession of different social skills that include right mannerisms, integrity, right attitude and honesty. I am endowed with many strengths that have seen me to this point in my career. Firstly, I have strong communication skills. As a human resource professional, I realised that I could not survive without top-notch communication skills, which can assist me in handling daily situations and challenges that occur. There are different communication types, including the ability to listen and hearing what one has to say. Unlike many people who attend but do not understand, I am entirely different given that I handle people in a professional and friendly manner. This fosters good rapport with people. The importance of written communication in my career cannot be underestimated. I have appreciated the need for structuring my written communication in the same way as the verbal communication, and in a professional manner. Undeniably, almost everyone solicits the services of a human resource professional for either advice or assistance, and this makes communication a critical aspect of my profession.

Self-discipline and time management is my second strength. Usually, I have a lot of work to carry out in the course of a typical business day, and there is never enough time. Like any other job, I have daily activities and duties that have to be executed and on time. I am dedicated to ensuring that I complete my assignments in time because, in many situations, I am faced with different issues that crop up and need immediate handling. This calls for self-discipline. Many times, I have managed to allocate time for the completion of the essential duties of the day. Knowing effective time management is very important for survival. This is because I regularly have deadlines that I have to meet and a lot of work that has to be completed. I have managed to concur this aspect. Additionally, I have the best quality for any human service professional which is trustworthiness. I was taught, and I have experienced that people only talk freely to those that they can trust. People have to be convinced that as a human professional, I will have their interests at heart and do the appropriate thing. Trust and confidentiality go in handy because if one chooses to share confidential information with another, they expect the data to be kept private. If one is ascertained to be trustworthy, he or she receives credibility. The loss of credibility for a human service professional makes the execution of a job very difficult. The regaining of reliability is very difficult, and I have fought hard to be credible.

I am very objective and impartial. For any human resource professional, it is essential to maintain a neutral side. In handling an issue with employees or an incident at work, I have realised the need for being impartial and objective. My decisions cannot be derived only from my ideas, but they have to come from the presented facts. This means that excellent problem-solving skills are essential and a necessity and they are needed for application in many circumstances. It is necessary to know when one is or is not impartial or objective on an issue to leave one to handle it. A human service professional must have the ability to function even under pressure and to reach decisions drawing from facts and not emotions. The importance of depending on facts rests on when there are negative emotions in play, and I have to develop resolutions that are beneficial. Furthermore, I have the ability of training, developing and mentoring employees. Employees have to be educated on training and skills required for the performance of their job, and they have to be updated on current affairs. I consider assisting employees in the development of their abilities as critical in enhancing their knowledge on the job, for the overall company growth and benefiting career of workers. By providing these services, I help people in growing professionally and personally. Having the knowledge that I helped people and made a difference in their lives is a self-sufficient feeling. I believe that through helping people, I receive blessings because service to humanity is service to God.

The area that I have identified for improvement is that of acquiring skills in the management of conflict. Conflicts are part of every organisation, and they range from personal to interpersonal conflict among employees. Conflict can develop because of the existing cultural and language barriers, lack of employee accommodation of each other and poor exercising of leadership. Additionally, the lack of employee motivation can lead to some workers developing the feeling of being underappreciated which would make them grow resents. It is essential for me as a human service professional to understand the scope of conflict and the necessary interventions for their management. I seek to develop strong conflict management skills. It is not very much easy to handle issues related to the conflict in an organisational setting. I have to critically evaluate a situation and develop quick measures to manage conflict in an organisation. The management of conflict requires the collection of information that can affect the pay of employees, identification of the problem and develop possible solutions. Conflict is very much natural, and having the correct skills for the management of conflict can help in hitting the ground running. I also seek to have strong organisational skills. When working as a human resource professional, there will be many duties in the office including hiring, firing, and the maintenance of records in office. I have to keep updated on the everchanging laws and regulations. These rules make skills in organising a necessity in keeping up with duties.

To improve my abilities such as strong communication skills, I hope to resort to attending a professional meeting with mentors who have succeeded in the field of human resource. I also aim to attend lectures and workshops that promote the idea of human service as a profession. The realization of success requires the joint effort of many people, and by this, I mean a team. I hope to work with a group of like-minded individuals to improve my credibility. The importance of working with a team is that I am well placed to receive and share ideas that are beneficial to myself and the growth of the organisation. There are also many interventions that are available and are useful in helping realize the increase in my profession. I do not want to relent and slow my progress. While appreciating and embracing my strengths, I also want to welcome my weaknesses to improve on them. I believe that by attending these seminars and lecturing sessions, I can obtain essential ideas that are ideal for my development. There is no progress without effort, and effort does not mean anything when there is no determination. I am very much focused on improving my abilities to realize my overall developmental goals.

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