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Poster Analysis: Propaganda for the Immigrants in Western Canada

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The picture creates a number of different propaganda for the immigrants in western Canada. Different terms in the poster have been misunderstood and have been used to spread different propaganda for the immigrants. It is important to understand what is meant by the term propaganda. This is information of a biased nature or information with a misleading nature which can be used to promote different points of view in relation to the different matter, for instance, in this case, the immigrants are the point of the subject.

The poster has different misleading statements which will be analyzed in this paper to address there misleading nature. The first statement is the statement Home for everyone' this gives the wrong impression to the immigrant western Canada has its natives who own the area hence this is a thing the immigrants fail to grasp. After reading this, it gives the impression that one can just move in and own the place a notion that has widely spread due to such propaganda. America known as the home of the free, the statement tends to mislead since for one to become a resident in western Canada or any foreign country legal procedures should be followed to make you a legal resident of the state. This is some cases does not happen in this manner where we happen to meet immigrants being denied legal residential status in the state hence making the statement more of propaganda than the actual information.

Another statement is the Wheatland, Rich virgin soils, lands for mixed farming, lands for cattle raising with the look of this it's as if western Canada has all these unoccupied lands waiting to be occupied. This is not the case but the information in the poster makes the information sound much real hence looking more of propaganda since incase immigrants come across such information a wrong mental picture of Western Canada will be drawn in their minds and may influence some of their decisions such as relocating to the state which would be based on wrong information. As seen from the definition of propaganda the statement is a good example to illustrate this. The lands have been occupied unless you are willing to buy so as to own yours.

The phrase at the top of the poster The New Eldorado which means the new gold also can be referred to as propaganda. Gold is associated with luxury and the statement makes it sound as if the new gold is all over the place which is not the case, to attain such luxury one needs to embrace hard work a thing most immigrants fail to grasp due to such misleading information. Also the statement Problem free' there is no place with no problems, but the poster indicates that western Canada has no problems. This completely confirms the amount of propaganda which spreads around and end up confusing people and make the immigrants make some wrong decisions due to this misleading information.

Other statements also such as protected by the government makes western Canada sound a place with no threats to the residents which tend to communicate the wrong information. After going through the picture and the information on it, one feels the need to relocate from his/her place to go to this new land with new gold, and more secure, a place with plenty of lands to own. This pictures main idea behind the post shows the viewer how a great place it is and attracting most of the viewers. Propaganda for the immigrants has been seen for a number of years and has been used for making different decisions. Before applying certain information, one comes across it is important to value the information and confirms its legality before applying it or making the decisions based on the information.


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