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Personal Statement Example: Computer Networking and Cyber Security with Work Experience

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Sewanee University of the South
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Personal statement
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One of my most proud accomplishments in life is receiving a Bachelors degree from the University of Nigeria, despite having a Masters degree from Brunel University in West London. This is mainly due to the challenges which have always pointed to the opposite direction that but through determination and persistence I have always taken myself in the right direction in one way or another. I was not fortunate enough to grow in a community with an abundance of educational opportunities, lucky for me, my thirst for education would not let me confine myself despite the odds. Through the hard way, I learned that if I worked hard, I would succeed; by taking advantage of every little opportunity that came my way, I did my first masters degree in Data and Wireless Communication Systems at Brunel University in West London.

With a lifelong passion for Information Technology, having acquired a vast 12+ years experience in reputable companies, I have always enrolled in the most challenging course. Similarly, I have had quite the eye-opening opportunity of facing numerous challenges and coming up with workable solutions to these challenges. I have tugged on a variety of challenging transforming including unified wireless solution, IP telephony, data center migration, security, virtualization and system, development just to mention but a few. In addition to being a very high proficient solution architect having worked from small to global sized multinational blue chip and fortune 500 firms across various industry verticals. I believe that learning is a never-ending process, and I feel that my experiences, as well as my commitment to education, will be an asset to these corporations.

Through the working experience I have had with numerous companies, I have come to develop amazing interpersonal skills that go a long way in how I relate to others. Out of academics and career, I have worked with people from different cultures and backgrounds, this not only makes me a great team player, but it also makes me appreciate other peoples' culture and embrace diversity. Also, I have grown to cope up with challenges of time zones, languages, travel, and attitude to work. I believe that these skills will be an asset when it comes to relating to other students in the University.

My enthusiasm in studying at the University of (Universitys name) has grown out of conversation, and I am genuinely excited and pleased to go back to school. I believe studying Computer Networking, and Cyber Security at (Universitys name) will help me achieve and explore areas that I could not or did not at Brunel University. In a world where technology is the most dominant means of progress advancing at a neck-breaking pace, it is a significant advantage to the society to have knowledgeable people who will keep both their information and technology safe for use. I not only believe that I am best qualified to offer this service to the society, but I am entirely convinced that the quality of education and diversity of students at (Universitys name) will best help me fulfill these goals.

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