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Sociology Essay Example: Theory Application

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Sociological theories and concepts help people understand their societies, relationship, and social behaviors. Need to note, various philosophies talk about different aspects of life, and such include conflict theory, feminist theory, functionality theory, symbolic interactionism theory, and Thomas theorem. People need to understand these arguments to enable them to live together in harmony and understand one another.

Conflict Theory was established by Karl Marx who was able to watch oppression posed by the wealthy people of the society upon the less fortunate. It states that the general public is in a state of never-ending dispute and struggle for constrained resources. It assumes that the fortunate will always make moves to increase their wealth even if it means negatively affecting the less fortunate. That only means that they would go to whichever extend just as long as they remain wealthy. In these types of situations, the rich already and by all means get away with what they are accused of. This hypothesis is very useful when it comes to mastering a broad range of community facts, such as war, wealth, revolution, domestic violence, rape, child abuse, divorce, slavery, exploitation, and other conflict-related social phenomena. An example of a real-life situation is when a wealthy person who has a significant influence in the community tries to grab land that belongs to a less fortunate person. The latter then decides to report the matter to a court, but instead of justice being served, the rich will corrupt the judges and make sure that they win the case.

Another one is Functionalist Theory whose viewpoints claim that the community is in a state of equilibrium and remains so by the function of societys constituent parts. In short, it suggests that a society is like a human body in a way that it can be studied to know which parts are working and those that are not, diagnosing problems and finding a solution to restore balance. Peace, justice, romantic relationships, marriage, divorce, strange family experiences, health care, religious involvement, and population growth are a few pieces of evidence of functional processes in the community. For example, consider U.S. military bases; they provide economic boons for the locals as they provide jobs opportunities, pay taxes, attract tourists, small-scale selling, and government contract money.

Symbolic interactionism theory is another concept which stipulates that the community is made-up of endless interactions amongst themselves who share symbols together with their meanings. That helps humanity to understand people, improve communication, and understand other cultures some of which include taboos, love, sin and evil, litigation, mate selection, values, arbitration, and communication, among others. Definitions and meaning can be best understood using this type of interaction. Also, it enables people to understand other peoples point of view and help to resolve misunderstandings. For example, symbolic interactionism allows people to be at college. It allows them to understand their professors prospects and learn how to respond to them.

Another theory is that of Social Exchange, which suggests that the society is made up of continuous communications among people who try to maximize plunders while minimizing the charges. In this concepts, the assumption in this is that people are coherent creatures, able to make their own decisions and choices once the advantages and disadvantages of those decisions are known and understood. To arrive a conclusion, people need to weigh the options available so that we can maximize the rewards and minimize our losses. In some cases, humanity gets what it opts for, but in other instances, people do not. For example, in a family, the woman will tend to work short hours than the man to come home and take care of their children. That is so because the woman describes it as her role to do the chores and take care of the children, and if the man is told to do the same, he will end up getting into a fight because he sees it a womans responsibility to do the work.

Family Formation is a theory which according to explains current developments when it comes to the formation of families where sociologists point out the significance of idealistic affection. Scientists argue that the establishment of a family no longer rely on parents or community choices for the youths; instead, the specific partners choose to be together out of the feelings they have for each other. Other scholars write that in the ancient Europe, marriages started as an asset, understanding, and in between, it was bring up children and concluded in love. Few couples back then who were lucky enough married out of love and affection for one another but many learnt to love one another in the process of living together and raising child together. In the modern world of today, marriages are mainly built as a result of love or out of free will unlike before.

Family Structure is another theory that highlights the function of social customs in defining groups of people appropriate to form families with. Nevertheless, traditions of family assembly have changed which are as a result of the ancient family. For example, take people say, Family bonds between persons who may be of the same sex that which might be erogenous but not supported by biology and reproduction do not apt any neat division of kinship into relations of blood and marriage. Sociologists have argued that male breading family do not provide the central experience for a majority of kids due to the increasing variation of family type.

Family behavior theory: in a feminist society, gender inequality is a major subject in expounding on the behavior of men and women in the family or even community at large which is what the theory explains. Gender refers to communally made practices that are learned according to female sociologists, while sex is the natural person and their physical characteristics. Therefore, gender discrimination is a cultural spectacle built on learned behaviors, rather than inherent differences between men and women. For instance, it is common knowledge that women are often closer to their children than men are; thus, it is inevitable for the youngsters to bond with their mothers. However, that tight association has to be broken so that child can develop a sense of self separately from the mother. Interestingly, the cutting of attachment takes a unique nature depending on the child's gender. While the gild child remains attached to her mother, the boy child often detach from the mother completely. That sharp difference occurs because women, in an attempt to make their sons stronger, often withdraw their attention from their male children; thus, the boy child feels the need to be a man.

Family Dissolution and Reformation is another theory where family heads decide to dissolve marriage and reform due to different reasons. For example, in countries such as New Zealand and third-world states, divorce rates have grown over the last 40 years. Sociologists suggest that economic arguments are as to why there is such an immense growth.

Unquestionably, each of the theories explain different aspects of life. From the analysis, it is evident that they apply in real life situations. For example, Family Resolution and Reformation Theory explains the aspect of divorce, which has been eminent on various countries. Hence, the theories provide a guiding framework behind peoples daily lives.

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