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Presenting Grievances Letter Paper Example

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Middlebury College
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Mr. Daniel White Golden Circle Gym 3245 Z. Georgetown Street

Dear Mr. White

I desire to present grievances that Golden Circle Gym has brought to Goodwill Day-Care which have incessantly worked to damage our relationship as business neighbors. Your clients and employees have in a long time been disposing garbage near our premise while leaving your garbage carts open which as a result attracts cats and dogs near the buildings disposal area. Consequently, the animals go through the garbage carts leaving a grave mess near our place of work. The mess brings about a considerable distraction and distress to our clients. As you would expect, this goes against the acknowledged policy of behavior since the carts are supposed to be kept closed and at the requisite storage area. Additionally, clients and employees should also dispose of their wastes in the carts as opposed to throwing them on our premise. Some of the trash they throw out is inappropriate, for instance, the disposal of used female sanitary towels around the garbage unit. As a result, our business continuously loses its reputation since our client base is mostly young children. Moreover, it has affected our business immensely since we are losing more and more clients. Furthermore, illegal dumping of waste has landed us in massive trouble with the authorities as it is against the law. We were recently required to pay a fine for the offenses.

Goodwill Day Care also wishes to raise a complaint on the unwarranted posters that has subjected our business to harm. The billboards that you have put up on your business structure have significantly affected and confused our clients and solicited a negative response from them. The perception our patrons have when they look at the images on display is not appealing and in turn, has sanctioned the parents from bringing their children to our daycare. The images on the billboard show men and women dressed half naked, which is unfair due to the nature of our business. Also, we wish to raise the issue of parking of vehicles since it has also been a cause for distress with our esteemed clients. Your clients park their cars in the parking space put aside for my business resulting in my clients lack of places to park their vehicles. It is an issue of concern since you have never taken any measures to ensure that your clients have their parking space.

Lastly, we wish to address another significant challenge that has been present since you moved into this neighborhood. It is regarding the level of noise your business generates, which has been over the top. Being a childrens day-care, we would appreciate a low noise environment to enable the kids to learn in a serene place to deliver the best care we can offer to them. The increased noise intensity serves as a distraction, and the children do not get the necessary care since they hardly sleep and are always in distress. The situation has made our clients pull out of our programmes resulting in further deep in our profits.

I recommend that you carefully go through the complaints and come up with ways that you can solve them to avoid problems in the future and maintain a good relationship with our businesses. As the management, you should talk to your clients and employees to address the above-mentioned issues.


The Management

Goodwill Day Care


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