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Essay Example: Dynamics and Purpose of Teamwork in the Office

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Business success in todays competitive environment demands the creation of enabling conditions to allow organization thrive. It requires being proactive to changes in the business environment to avoid lagging and navigating the trend. However, the management must pay attention to enabling conditions that occur within the organization. Such include aligning team dynamics since, without an orderly house, the company would be unable to accomplish competitive advantage derived from Deming principle of constant quality and productivity improvement.

Deming emphasized the principle of constant improvement as necessary to transform the business effectiveness. His argument involved constant improvement in the product system and service delivery to accomplish improved quality and productivity. Constant improvement is possible when the entire team works towards accomplishing reduced variations through never-ending improvement to increase nominal value (Hale, 2012). The achievement of a process and quality improvement obligates alignment of team dynamics to eliminate conflict. Instead, accomplishing continuous improvement principle will require unity of direction and exercise of esprit de corps. This involves demonstrating mutual loyalty and working towards common goals since unity is the strength.

The purpose of teamwork in an organization involves deriving composite input of individuals through mutual support. Such involves eliminating individualism often inhibiting delivery through endless conflicts, project delays, and cost overruns. According to Levi (2011), teamwork allows diversity in idea generation within a brainstorming environment. Collaboration yields an opportunity to nurture professionalism identified with increased efficiency when working towards a common goal. It arises through hands-on-deck approach through shared responsibilities, hence faster execution.

Team operations allow workload sharing when members are committed towards a unified goal since specialization and division of tasks is possible unlike when executing to function individually. Lastly, teams provide members with the sense of belonging useful to gain support during challenging times. Doing so transforms the team into a support network that eliminates risks of making irrational decisions (Hutton, 2017). Enhanced communication nurtures a collaborative platform allowing all members sail towards the project accomplishment.



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