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Essay on Consideration of Policy Implementation

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In the context of policy implementation, there is exceptional importance as to why it needs a proper setup. There are different sanities as to why Wilbur needs to establish an appropriate policy and implement it looking at the security of Wilbur's widgets. In the entire policy implementation setting, some issues require addressing that does not necessarily imply upon the rules but deliver on the different strategies and methods through which the company can improve its security and maintain an appropriate setting in the long run.

However, Wilbur's widgets are suffering a series of issues that need solution and improvement throughout the policy implementation and are expected to help the company's security advance. Concerning the policy implementation consideration, there are two parts to any security implementation in context. The first section of the policy surrounds the coverage about one should maintain appropriate measures to deal with the external threats and preserve the integrity of the company. On the other hand, the second deals with the reduction of internal risks which is actualized by maintaining significant and proper use of the network (Schulte et al., 2015).

Nonetheless, Wilbur's widgets are capable of several security standards that would help in maintaining the progress of the corporate. With consideration of the policy implementation, the recommendations will include the blending of the new policies all together with the existing systems in addressing the gaps found through the gaps analysis. The proposals will cover the internal structure of the organization and the external structure as a whole. In the table below, I will show detail concerning the consideration of the implementation of policies.

Policy Consideration of implementation

Employees Training and Development In the consideration to develop a proper policy, maintaining proper employees' training is essential. The employees are an internal setting of the company that plays a major role. These are the backbone of the organization in the realization of its goal. It is evident that Wilbur's widgets employees lack the skills concerning the information security concepts (Siponen & Pahnila, 2014). With the appropriate training, it will help educate and train the employees on the importance of ensuring the security of the confidential work and also maintain that they can adapt to any changes. Also, the IT security employees can acquire skills on how to train others.

Technical System development The implementation of proper system development plays a significant role in addressing the issue within a firm. Wilbur's widgets need to maintain meaningful hardware and software policy for development. Within its implementation, new hardware needs setting up that would retain efficiency with employees. Additionally, the software development requires appropriate consideration. It aims at ensuring that they are up to date and can support current workloads. Within the implementation, the old hardware can earn upgrading together with the software involved.

Information Technology User Restriction and Safe User interface The IT infrastructure involves the implementation and focusing on the essential aspect of the IT system. Wilbur's widgets need to deliver a policy that will restrict the users from copying the data or information. Such administration maintains that any information in the systems is not provided to a third party or competitors that want to acquire Wilbur's widget secrets (Safa & Furnell, 2016).

Employment Since the current IT professional is not playing a notable part in the company's structure, there is the need for specialists. These ensure that they deliver a system that is secure, educate other employees, and also maintain a base upon its security. Employment should also involve the entire employee task force.

Table: Policy Implementation Considerations


Policy implementations not only require the general observation but set the interaction with the entire management. With the availability of proper and working policies, the organization and corporate are expected to develop and grow significantly.


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