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Hotel Upgrade - Paper Example

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Business plan
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The hotel industry has been a significant contributor and service provider in catering, hotel and resort services. Most services are in the hotel industry are provided in individual business firms. It is not uncommon to find a touring company that links tourists with accommodation services, food, and tour services. An important trend in the hotel industry is the shift to provide a classic venue that gives inclusive services to customers. In response to this situation, there is need to open a hotel and resort firm that will provide hospitality services under one roof.

Hotels QA will be located in away from the city. It will be a modern hotel and resort with a traditional blend to encompass a fine touch of camping and retreat experience. The hotel will be a significant contributor to the hotel industry, and it will introduce an arena accommodating all people. The hotel will also create business opportunities and widen the scope of hospitality in the area. Hotels QA will be an all-inclusive venue with activities ranging from vacation, camping, accommodation.

Elegant Services

Having obstacle course for adults and kids would attract travelers since the services will be accommodative and inclusive. The ample spaces will be sufficient for parking, theatre, and auditorium. The hotel will provide full-time cafeteria with and give elegant food. Hotel QA will be extending membership offers to loyal customers for our elegant food. Membership levels will be open to all customers from children to adults.

Hotel QA will have an arboretum and a section for senior activities where guests can be served with alcoholic drinks and enjoy music. Hotel QA will be located in a natural landscape. The geographical setting will be an ideal site for a picnic where customers can have picnic experiences as couples and groups. There will be three hundred (300) campsites divided into individual camps, couples and group camps. The camps location will be distributed across the hotel field. There will be three single-occupancy buildings with 200 rooms each. The hotel will have four buildings with and each room will consist of two hundred rooms having a range of one to three-bedroom condos and 100 yurts. On the open field, the hotel will provide a skate park where all guest can interact. The skate park will be enclosed full and adjacent to it will be a playground for children with a sign-in desk.

Customer Services

Hotel QA will invest in the use of pin number check in/out which will be adopted to ease the check-out procedure for customers. Using pin numbers will be fast, convenient and effective.

The building set up with a separate employee housing located in the main building, guests will be oriented to a home-like environment. Customer services will be enhanced by proximity and employee can maintain close observation of occurrences and rectify errors in time.


There will be three departments for reservation and six managers in the hotel. The reservations department will ensure fast and efficient services to potential customers and make an honorable first impression for the hotel. The reservation personnel will focus on selling the hotel to potential customers and reserving spaces for guests such that guests feel welcome and will be eager to return or refer their friends.

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