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Presentation Example: Standards for my Competence

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University of Richmond
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The standards that the artifact serves to demonstrate my skills include the following. The subjective observation task served to required me to demonstrate my competency by clearly recording the observations I made and along with it include personal thoughts, ideas and the possible explanation for the behaviors. I would also assess the performance of my participants from and include a competent professional opinion on the various areas of development.

Objective and subjective observations that I carried out included focusing on some areas of the participant development. The artifact was in the areas of cognition, social skills, and motor skills.Artifacts used

Artifacts used in the project are objective and subjective observation. Different aspect was observed. The process of observation was varied and consisted of two different perspectives.

Subjective observation

In the cognitive function, I recorded exceptional skills evidenced by the observation of Erick engaging in thoughtful procedures to accomplish his tasks and solve some problems that he encountered. Motor skills were demonstrated as the participant used his hands to control his world. I thought the activities of hiding to wash hands on a running tap and zipping and unzipping trousers was satisfactory performance. Social skills were evident when Erick and his cousin spent time together, carrying bricks, singing and sneaking around to do activities that were fun to them.

Objective observation

In objective observation, I worked with Darnell in a social setting. She demonstrated motor skills by pasting things on the wall and clapping hands. I also observed her play with pencils, crayons and draw with different colors. Cognitive skills were observed by the completion of pieces of art, and completing puzzles with ten or more pieces. She also was observed to be listening and she trained with no instruction. Social skills included her calling her friends to play with her, her expression of multiple and catchy rhythms. She also observed others play and made comments on different occasions.

Rationale of Artifacts

The artifacts selected were meant to help collect assessment data. The information would be important in defining and differentiating between professional and personal opinion. The ability to identify the concepts presented in an objective or subjective bias is crucial. The artifacts support the knowledge and skills that inform the importance of incorporating play in childrens curriculum. It is crucial to assess the development of various skills among children as it helps determine whether the child is achieving the milestones at the expected rate and time.


Changes in practice based upon observation will including devising an environment that will fit the childrens interest in learning. Some changes needed include establishing a clear and self-driven approach to allow personal exploration and creativity given some skills observed like signing and sneaking to wash hands.

An overall reflection on teaching practice would indicate a highly responsive environment for the childrens needs. My personal interest and commitment towards teaching profession is increasing. In many ways, I am establishing deep interests and in observing kids as they play and behave in class and I am committed to ensuring they have a conducive environment that will enable them to grow and develop in all spheres of their lives.

Personal and professional growth and future expected growth include improving my style of teaching and facilitating the establishment of a favorable relationship with the students. I am focused on helping my student learn and explore their abilities in the classroom and playground. Am also focused on helping them acquire skills and mannerisms as they develop social skills.

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