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NYU Admission Essay

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Middlebury College
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Admission essay
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My dream is to be able to pursue a course in Human Physiology and Generics at the New York University. The NYU Department of Biology is among the best in the world especially when it comes to research programs. From the NYU website, I learned that international students are given unique attention in placement and remedial sessions. One example is the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) which offers under-represented students a 9-week in laboratories of NYU faculty and helps students to explore independent research options. A program such as this one is what I have only been able to dream of, but at NYU it is a reality.

SURP would help me develop my research initiatives. Genetics and Systems Biology are what I will eventually specialize in, and at NYU these courses are given by the best lecturers and via state of the art facilities and equipment. Attending NYU is a dream for many high school students, and it means even more to me, a Korean student in a small international school in Korea to have the chance to be a member of the best university in the world. After learning about NYUs Biology Program at CAS, I realized that NYU perfectly fits me.

Human physiology and genetics fascinate me the most. Looking at human cells through the microscope was incredibly captivating for me. Therefore, when the time came to choose my specialization for my Diploma Program, I decided on higher level biology and chemistry. Even though these were challenging subjects, I have since gained broader perspectives about scientific concepts and ideas. I later interned at a pharmaceutical company, named "Huons in Korea and got to learn the various fields related to biology during my internship.

At Huons colleagues were impressed by my curiosity concerning of physiology, especially the experiment I conducted with mice. Subsequently, I enrolled in a scholarship program, the Korea Scholars Conference for Youth where I presented a hypothesis and successfully carried out an experiment on the relationship between the mouses immune system and Butyric Acid. I will continue to bring my love and passion for biology to the NYU standard biology track that provides a broad background in biology with the laboratory, quantitative skills needed for todays modern biology. The standard biology track at NYU offers more Lab courses than others that I can be equipped with practical biology as well as gain broader perspectives in biological concepts and ideas.

Also, the NYU College Cohort Program should be an excellent opportunity for me to build a unique community within CAS, which has very diverse academic learning option and provides a welcoming home. It will give me the robust support system of friends, and I will be able to get mentored by NYU students and advisors for a thriving campus life. I believe this will guide me through the Global NYU network and the successful student life at NYU.

Finally, NYU offers the world-class education, the global perspective and global network, which can transform me into a bold, resourceful leader. Through my college life at NYU, I will experience globalized and interconnected world because NYUs New York campus is located in NYC, the heart of the world. I am confident that NYU will educate and transform me into a better person and a leader to pave my way towards my dreams. NYU would be perfect for me to do Biology major and I believe I have much to offer NYU in my ventures. I hope NYU considers the mutual benefiting that would come from their acceptance

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