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Quantitative Research Tools - Paper Example

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In quantitative research study, assessment of numbers is of better essence. This numbers to be researched on as elements of observable in the physical world based on the area and the aim of the study. Such aspects may include the weight of objects, growth in the population, number of people in a community on a particular opportunities. Such numbers may also be used while examining population learning in a particular institution, believes on particular topics. The numbers can then be interpreted and analysis to use in various types of analysis. Statistics in this case is a collection of computational procedures that can be used to identify various types of patterns and eventually get meanings in numerical data. In order to determine quantitative information in a study are, various tools are used which answers how many in the population which can then be projected to the larger population. This type of study usually is important in saving time as well as costs related to doing a study in a large area.

It is usually done in third person point of view. Quantitative tools involve identifying the research problem, reviewing literature related to the problem and describing the theoretical framework undermining the study. While conducting such a research, it is important to keep in mind certain considerations to get a representative data.

Explanation of the data collected and the concerns in its statistical manner. Therefore, they must be relevant to the aim of the study r the problem to be investigated and be appropriate as well.

There must be explanation of the techniques used in determination of the data sets.

Choosing of a minimal and sufficient statistical procedures in order to get a rational for its usage and get a reference for the data obtained. This can be applied in specifying the kind of tools and special programs used for the problem study.

Describing the assumptions in the research is important for each procedure and their steps of conducting in order to ensure non- violation.

While using inferential statistics, it is vital to provide a descriptive samples sizes for variables related to the research.

Using of tables as a form of providing exact values or figure obtained in the study. Keeping the numbers smaller in size makes it easier for interpretation.

While conducting the study, describing how each objective will be achieved, therefore, proving enough details in the methodology can provide an informed assessment of the methodologies used related to the problem. Methodology comprises of studying the population and the type of sampling for the research. Therefore, determining the origin of data, and the data size needed is essential. Additionally, data collection will describe the tools and methods used to gather information and therefore identifying variables related to the research. Also, describing the kind of instruments used in data collection will be essential in describing assumptions in the study. Furthermore, data analysis is essential in describing procedures for processing and analysis of data including techniques.

At the end of the study, summary of the results and findings of the study answers the research questions and provide a narrative explanation of the key findings and describing that has been achieved in the study. Recommendations are also provided in the study involving the actions which can be adopted in line with the findings from the research. Future research can be linked to the research problem where researchers may use data from tables for comparison and possible changes in the same area of study CITATION Ear10 \l 1033 (Babbie, 2010).


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